"Y'all should totally get into federated networks and connect with me there!"

> Realize that I post loads of overtly technical shit that the common layperson might not relate with much.

@deadsuperhero I post anime, techie stuff, and memes all on the same account. Could have been worse

@Normandy I feel like one interesting aspect of federated networks is that most people on here don't know each other outside of the fediverse, and initially bond over shared interests and hobbies.

I'm not exactly complaining about that; it's been kind of nice connecting with other people over obscure operating systems, game development, and all sorts of other niche things.

@deadsuperhero It saddens me that we don't have a better name than "fediverse" yet.

@seanl I honestly think it's a great name.

The two supernetworks put together are currently referred to as the Free Network.

I mean, we could go a more cyberpunk route by calling it the metaforum or the grid or something.

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