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@lostnbronx I think you uploaded you "Big Idea" show twice. Because today's "context" episode just plays "big idea" again :(

@lostnbronx I had a thought about something you said recently WRT audio vs reading.

I think your style is an odd case where you're writing it. But you're doing so specifically for it to be heard. So, if I later read, say, Street Candles, and hear you I wouldn't consider that a failure. You breathe life into your stories by recording them. Give them an extra special texture.

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Heya folks, if you've got feedback for hit us up. We're back at it this weekend.

@thaj @pokey @x1101

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@lostnbronx I am serious:
You need to take a transcript of "A thousand ways to fail", make it a one man show, and perform it on stage.

That was 47 minutes of pure.

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Jonathan Nadeau, the FOSS accessibility guru we all know and love, has got an amazing 24 campaign going on, for -- get this -- a metal album!


Ok fediverse, I'm playing with an ... odd little project. I have a movie ripped to mp4, I also have this movie in black and white. I'd like to take part of one seen from the color version and overlay it in the black and white. Suggestions for good Linux tools for this?

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Stardrifter Book 01
Chapter 01

A 3-Part SciFi Novella

The gunboat "Dame Minnie" is falling apart at the seams. Bad pay, an idiot captain, and rapidly-failing equipment. Things can't get worse. Right?

Audio quality is due to the Masto file size limit. Listen/download to a better version (still free) on my site:



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we basically live in a cyberpunk dystopia but without all the cool shit

@sil I didn't know you were over here on Mastadon too! Awesome!

@klaatu I'm real sad to say I won't be joining your dungeon crawl tonight. I'd planned on it and been excited for it, but I'm not feeling the best. I need to crawl into a hole and pull it in after me for a while.

Still, THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS. So many of us have said "We need more gaming groups in our community" and you're DOING it.

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@klaatu Or, you could just post a correction on to the list and say, definitively, which day you mean. It's not too late.

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You know, not tagging this with was probably a mistake.

@thaj @pokey and I will be up to our usual nonsense this weekend. If you have something to say to/at/about us, do it now.

Your favorite misfits are back at it this weekend. If you have feedback, now is the time to send it.

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Fiends of lore: there's a new episode of Chronicles & Commons.