@klaatu Thanks for the shout out. Really looking forward to the Mars Series run down.

@klaatu So, uh, feed for C&C lists it as "Chronicles and Commons", and you always announce it as "Commons and Chronicles". Which is it? I get very confused literally every week when I see this.

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A podcast by three Linux users (@thaj, @x1101 , and @pokey) that met through the Hacker Public Radio podcast community decided that the whole world needed to hear the contents of our brains. So we hang out, record and release it as a podcast under a Free Culture license. It is exactly what it says on the tin "Your UNLIMITED source of medium quality randomness". Check us out at urandom-podcast.info

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OK everyone. With the help of @x1101 I was finally able to get my website and MP3 and OGG RSS feeds up for my new podcast. If you want to check it out here it is.


@klaatu if you're digging into SciFi on C&C, I'd love to hear you give Burroughs Mars series the kind of treatment you game to Conan and Lovecraft.

@lostnbronx @klaatu Thanks so much for your "How to DM" HPR episode. It came to me at the perfect time. I ended up running my first(ish) session mere hours after listening and it was very helpful!

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notice how capitalism is demanding you turn yourself into a brand then alter that brand to appeal to more people so that you can more effectively sell yourself

yeah don't do that

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Never forget: most of us have been poisoned by a toxic educational system that teaches us systematically that failing at a task or not knowing a correct answer is shameful.

There is no inherent shame in failure, in not knowing, or in being wrong, and we shouldn't actively shame others for it.

Get back up, learn something new, and try again.

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Shout out to the pagers that are literally exploding right now. #hugops.

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That you're celebrating 90 years since your first motion picture debut means you're well past your public domain bedtime you fucking rat.

But because your handlers can't stand the thought of giving you up to the rest of the world means we'll probably have to suffer another 90 years without anything going into the public domain, least of all the stuff that you stole from it.

Fuck you, Mickey. Fuck you.

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~1 million Creative Commons images on 500px.com are dissapearing tomorrow!

If you have the resources please install the Archiveteam's Warrior program and select the 500px project! archiveteam.org/index.php?titl

irc is #500pieces on efnet

thank you (boosts very appreciated)

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@klaatu re: nmcli, you should check out connman. Its another minimal client/server network infrastructure. I switched to it after wicd stopped being updated on my xfce/arch systems

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@tom maybe you should do your artist last.fm page

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