J’ai déménagé, vous pouvez maintenant me trouver sur shelter.moe :

and Pixiv just announced a streamlined registration process for registering on pawoo.net with your Pixiv account.

About 20 million people have Pixiv accounts.

(Though to be honest, I thought they already HAD such a process.)

So I translated (most of) this article - you can read it here - A Practical Behind the Scenes, Running Mastodon at Scale lae.is/j/2017/04/19/a-practica

"i wanted to see what happened if i set 'i have 1 million users' and now it's all over the place well shit" twitter.com/potpro/status/8546

Simple steps to be a Mastodon user:
- choose an instance
- sign in
- learn french
- learn japanese

Downtime du site de ma banque pour cause de changement de logo : 24h

Downtime de l'instance Mastodon mamot.fr , réalisé par une assoce et des volontaires pour cause de changement total d'infrastructure : 2 minutes.

On peut arrêter de vanter les mérites de l'entreprise et de traiter de fainéants/incompétents ceux qui sont pas employés maintenant ?

Mastodonの理解が増えればとおもって描いた説明絵がMastodonを作った人にも届いたようで、なんかすごーい!ってなりました!🦈 <うれしー! pawoo.net/media/OVEJos_cqq5fgW pawoo.net/media/oVfg2yX-TP6aja pawoo.net/media/k6sLVQqX4-3kBw

Arrestation en Russie d'un membre du projet Debian, professeur de math.
La communauté a révoqué ses clefs afin d'éviter d'éventuelles compromissions de paquets..

mstdn.jp has surpassed mastodon.social in number of users! Congrats to @nullkal!

watching my son try to decide which instance to join made me realise that we need a way to preview instances local/federated streams. So I made one: unmung.com/mastoview?url=masto


wow, the #japan'ese illustration-sharing website #Pixiv started an instance.

Is this officially the first instance started by a company? @Gargron

Je pense faire une présentation sur le vandalisme sur #Wikipédia à #PSES2017... Ça vous intéresserait d'y assister ? Vous avez des questions particulières sur le sujet ?

BACKGROUND: I'm a former charybdis developer, a piece of IRC server software a lot of people use. If you use freenode, you use ircd-seven, a fork of charybdis. And I have a rant I want to post.

on mastodon an inappropriate behaviour is called a mastodon't

One bad user and your server is consigned to oblivion. Servers who do this do not want a Federation, they want a Dictatorship.  I don't have too much of a problem in saying they do not belong here. 

Mastodon, le seul réseau social qui ne parle que de lui :upside_down:

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