When your favorite character from Chinese legend gets crossed with a Gundam, it becomes an instabuy.

Nice meal with the family, envelopes exchanged, and a Shaw Brothers kung fu movie marathon on Twitch, pretty good Lunar New Year in my book. 新年快乐

Finally got to go over and see how the construction was going on our new temple. It's really looking good. Almost finished!

Second Vacation Project: Using the CNC as a vinyl cutter. Success!!

Vacation project day 1: First 3D prints for the ErgoDox case fit well with the PCB. A couple of custom 3D printed keycaps and switches to test. So far so good. Just need to print the rest and do A LOT of finish work.

Unlike @pokey I will totally watch this again. If you don't get that joke you should totally check out the latest episode of the Urandom Podcast, which just happened to drop today. @x1101


I just got @klaatu new game Petition delivered today. It is gorgeous. I can't wait to play it. If you like support cool people, doing cool things this is worth checking it out.


When you can't physically measure stuff, algebra and trigonometry really comes in handy.

Had to make my traditional after Ohio Linux Fest pilgrimage to Micro Center.

Has to be the best seat partner you can have on a five hour flight. It's like cheap ass first class.

Today at work I got to wire together some busted up solar lights to make the most thank 12v solar panel.

After some expert advise from @monsterjavaguns, I finally got to the point that I could do a trial run on a project. Not quite where I want it, but it's a good rough draft.

RG Zeta Gundam: WIP Day 3

Straight snap build done. Now to disassemble, primer, and work out a plan of attack for painting.

As an aside this kit is totally a mess, it is the biggest PITA I've built.

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