It's interesting how everyone claims that Ubuntu is SOOOOO stable. I've had more issues with it than any other distro. Like yesterday for example, it just decided that I can no longer log in using a GUI.

@thaj That's super weird. But similarly I've found Debian to be more flaky than its reputation. I've even found Mint to be more suspect than Ubuntu.

@johnnynull @thaj have y'all heard to good word of Arch?

When it works, it just works.

When it doesn't, it's a steaming pile of pain and tears that will either drive you mad or very smart.

I haven't figured out which happened to me yet.

@johnnynull @thaj I can't tell if you're saying it made you smart enough to know you don't like Arch, or it made you smart and you didn't want to be smart and left.

I became smart enough to not waste otherwise productive time on a meme distro just so I can be L33T.

@johnnynull to each their own. I use it and love it. And I don't _try_ to be leet. It just seems to work the way I want it to.

@x1101 And your constant shilling of said meme distro is tiresome. Perhaps if I had a job where I sat around all day I'd think differently, but I have shit to do.

@johnnynull in this case I was specifically harassing @thaj because I know he's another Archer. If it bothers you, I'll split the thread next time. Sorry

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