OK Fediverse, I want to get back into some music production (first time since my transition to Linux 12 years ago). Every time I get to the point of wanting to try something the big stumbling block is JACK. Anyone have good tutorials they recommend on JACK?

@cobra2 Holy Frijoles, I can't believe I didn't already think of that! Of course @klaatu already has it laid out.

I use Qjackctl for controlling JACK. Makes it easier. Also, you need to make some changes to /etc/security/limits.conf and add yourself to the group that has increased limits

@claudiom @thaj

I see ClaudioM was a bit nicer and didn't say rtfm right off the bat.

@randynose @cobra2 @claudiom Regardless of whether he did or not since I didn't think of someone having written it up, it was still helpful.

Lots of good info there. Favorited for future reference. 👍
@thaj @randynose

@claudiom @randynose @thaj
That's the book by the masterful @klaatu

he needs a donation page or something.
@claudiom @randynose @thaj @klaatu

i know.... even if he had a donation page it would redirect to other FOSS projects.... it's more of just a method to show appreciation.

@cobra2 @thaj @claudiom

Ah... Man. You're such a hardass! 😜

You're right. Claudio is just too nice of a guy.

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