OK Fediverse, I want to get back into some music production (first time since my transition to Linux 12 years ago). Every time I get to the point of wanting to try something the big stumbling block is JACK. Anyone have good tutorials they recommend on JACK?

@cobra2 Holy Frijoles, I can't believe I didn't already think of that! Of course @klaatu already has it laid out.

I use Qjackctl for controlling JACK. Makes it easier. Also, you need to make some changes to /etc/security/limits.conf and add yourself to the group that has increased limits

@claudiom @thaj

I see ClaudioM was a bit nicer and didn't say rtfm right off the bat.

@randynose @cobra2 @claudiom Regardless of whether he did or not since I didn't think of someone having written it up, it was still helpful.

Lots of good info there. Favorited for future reference. 👍
@thaj @randynose

@claudiom @randynose @thaj
That's the book by the masterful @klaatu

he needs a donation page or something.
@claudiom @randynose @thaj @klaatu

i know.... even if he had a donation page it would redirect to other FOSS projects.... it's more of just a method to show appreciation.

@cobra2 Good idea. As I work to restructure my sites, I'll try to remember to do just that. A donation-redirect from Slackermedia to Slackware is a great idea.

@klaatu while you restructure, remove links that you don't own anymore.

Also.... Ansible.

@cobra2 I should elaborate on my request for elaboration: I understand what you mean by removing links I don't own, but I'm wondering if you have anything I've missed in mind?

And yeah, what about Ansible?


It is not yours anymore.

Setup your nginx configs for servers and specific configs in ansible. So that you can migrate from one backend/OS to another easily.

@cobra2 @thaj @randynose @claudiom I just re-read my docs for QA, and I support cobra2's recommendation: my docs are indeed worth reading.

Read the JACK section first to understand JACK itself, then take a look at the QJackCtl section for a better understanding of the most common (but not ONLY) frontend. Patchage is also worth looking at. That's how I run it, these days: JACK2 in a terminal, and Patchage for quick routing.

@cobra2 @thaj @claudiom

Ah... Man. You're such a hardass! 😜

You're right. Claudio is just too nice of a guy.

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