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OK question for people who use the programming language there a way to use (readline) from the readline module to take an input and NOT print it to the REPL?

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Hmmm CBS goes after Star Trek fan film that fans feel is more "Star Trek" than the official thing now. Disney goes after Star Wars fan film that fans feel is more "Star Wars" than recent official offerings. I can't determine if it's just flat out greed (most likely scenario), or if they are literally getting their feelings hurt. I mean I think they should just hire fans to make things, but what would I know...

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Does anyone know of any active #FreeCulture mailing lists or online groups? Haven't really found anything yet...

It's weird how Free Software is this bustling thing with lots of independent factions and subgroups, but Free Culture is much more difficult to find.
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This week on Chronicles & Commons: Explore the Earth's core! In this episode, I look at the pulp fiction ideas of a hidden world at the very center of the Earth, starting with the inimitable Jules Verne.

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Sort of related:

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This week on GNU World Order: everything you always wanted to know about quota, but were too indifferent to ask: how to enable it on a partition, a work-around for quotacheck failure, and more!

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Who's making interesting original content on #PeerTube these days?

My subscription is largely GNU/Linux, and music/people talking about music.
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The key to getting in shape faster is joining a gym you can't exit.
#NewYear #Resolutions

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I can't stop thinking about what it would be like to talk about whatever on blogs we control that connect to federated video platforms where we premiere original content that's been funded completely by our own communities.

Imagine posting a thought in one place and it just cascades through the entire platform for interested people to see with no interference from algorithms or whatever the fuck trying to maximize profits.

That thought just gets me excited.

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Using Free Software doesn't automatically give people freedom.

The freedom is in the user's ability to modify the software when it does something user doesn't like, and make it do what user wants it to do.

As long as there's someone in the world for whom modifying the software they use is not an option, be it because of license, excessive complexity, lack of time, lack of patience, or because the person is afraid or overwhelmed by the concept of modifying something - that person is not free.

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It's interesting how everyone claims that Ubuntu is SOOOOO stable. I've had more issues with it than any other distro. Like yesterday for example, it just decided that I can no longer log in using a GUI.

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@librelounge By the way! Software Freedom Conservancy is currently running a fundraiser with a matching grant! They're about 60% of the way there so now is a great time to donate because your donation currently counts for double!

Let's get them to 100%!

Second Vacation Project: Using the CNC as a vinyl cutter. Success!!

I just found out that Elite Dangerous apparently works with Proton on Linux. I've wanted to play this game since someone described it to me as "single player Traveller..." It's also on the Steam sale this week. Trying hard not to pull the trigger.

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