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I wonder if the state standardized test we force kids to take would be any different if the politicians that voted for them had to take them as well and have their scores publicly posted. Just thinking out loud...

Anyone every read any of the Iain M. Banks "Culture" books? Opinions?

Just saying, there may be a re-birth of The Open EdTech Podcast later this month...

This is a much more elegant version of the conversation I have with friends when they complain about their kids math homework: Just teach my kid the math -

Also, there is a Mathstodon instance. That is entirely too cool.

So I've taken to watching Bob Ross episodes as I go to sleep because it is so relaxing. I wonder if his show was so popular not only because he was talented, but also because he was an AMSR gateway drug.

Wow Bitcoin just hit $10,000 USD. Well this correction doesn't seem like it's going to last that long.

@lostnbronx I finally got around to Hunter's Moon. I know it was kinda a bear for you to get through, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Another great job.

Yet another thing I have learned today from teenagers that signals the absurdity of modern technology. Since teenagers thing the only acceptable mobile device is manufactured by Apple, it's the device most of them have. The calculator is trash. On Android I can rotate and get a full scientific calculator, and the Apple calculator doesn't even have square root. Kids literally have to ask Siri verbally what the square roots of numbers are. DAFUQ???

Working with teenagers all they talk about is how bad the Snapchat redesign is. I just want to walk up and be like "Snapchat was a dumpster fire to begin with".

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#Cloudflare Terminates Service to Sci-Hub Domain Names

The CDN provider was compelled to take this action in response to a permanent injunction the American Chemical Society obtained late last year. While Cloudflare previously objected to a similar request, there is no sign of protest this time around.

The site is currently still available.

#scihub #decentralize

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The Internet lost a hero today. EFF is mourning the loss of our visionary co-founder, John Perry Barlow.

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Or apparently it is delayed until 3:30EST now

Here's to hoping that Falcon Heavy doesn't blow up on the launchpad in 20 minutes.

I'm having a really hard time resisting the sale on DriveThruRpg today for the 2nd edition of Mongoose Traveller for $10 USD. Traveller and OGL. Tempting...

Wow, the audio/soundtrack of the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story seems to match my impression of the idea of the film in general...loud, obnoxious, and totally unneeded.

Hey at least watching the "real" stock market dive makes me feel better about my bitcoin.