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Never forget: most of us have been poisoned by a toxic educational system that teaches us systematically that failing at a task or not knowing a correct answer is shameful.

There is no inherent shame in failure, in not knowing, or in being wrong, and we shouldn't actively shame others for it.

Get back up, learn something new, and try again.

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on transphobes citing "science" Show more

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Hey, y'know, is still up right now...

> No one gets on it


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This week on Chronicles & Commons: meet Shade, the master of murder and god of subterfuge, from the neutral evil division of the Porphyra pantheon.

#rpg #lore #podcast #dnd

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This week on GNU World Order: Microsoft brings 60,000 patents to the Open Invention Network. Also, an introduction to Antimicro and using gamepads on Linux.

#podcast #linux

Had to make my traditional after Ohio Linux Fest pilgrimage to Micro Center.

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People that license Creative Commons content with NoDerivative kind of annoy me.

Why wouldn't you just use a copyright instead?

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This week on GNU World Order, learn about broadwayd, a cool display server that runs GTK3 apps inside of a web browser..!?

#linux #gnu #podcast

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This week on Chronicles&Commons, visit the kingdoms of Koth and Shem, from the Hyperborean world of Conan the Barbarian.

#conan #rpg #dnd #podcast #lore

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Yeah, I’m an ADMIN

Don’t Trust

Who out there has started posting things to Peertube instances? How is the experience? Are you running your own instance? I'm curious about using it to distribute stuff.

I really want to devote more of my resources towards trying to grow more of my own food. We grow a little but it's pretty haphazard. I grew up eating A LOT of food that we grew and it was definitely better. I'll need to automate as much of it as possible, but that would be the fun part.

Note to self: When stuck for hours at an airport your Mastodon replies become diatribes...K thx bye ~past Thaj to future Thaj

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This week on GNU World Order: POSIX tips for the shell polyglot.

#linux #podcast

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This week's Chronicles & Commons covers Lyvalia, the neutral evil goddess of deception, from the Porphyra pantheon.

#rpg #lore #creativecommons

Has to be the best seat partner you can have on a five hour flight. It's like cheap ass first class.

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@archer72 @NYbill Nah! Don;t sell yourself short. I recently tried to install/use Slackware and needed @klaatu brain to help. I'm sure others would like to hear it too.

Amazingly, the Dark Phoenix trailer wasn't terrible. It would be nice if Fox can pull out one last good X-Men movie before the rights go back to Disney.