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Hey Mastodon, I got asked the other day "why should I care about Emacs in 2019?" (The implication was that Atom and VSCode were basically the new bettrr versions of a hackable extensible editor)

Off the top of my head, I came up with dired, org-mode, GPLv3, but looking for more. So why *should* somebody care about Emacs in 2019?

For anyone who follows me and didn't already know, I have migrated to a new account @thaj.

First day of rain in over a month. Might finally be able to grow some stuff.

I'm finding that the things that are lacking in education in general, are also the things lacking in instructional materials for programming. Modeling meta-cognition is a big building block that I see a lot of people miss or not even consider.

Thank the maker! finally got the cert fixed. I can use Tusky again!!!!! Great work admins!

Soooooo Magic The Gathering: Arena is busted on Lutris. I have massive sads 😭

Best Me: Hey Firefox, thanks for not letting me log into sites with expired certificates for security reasons (no sarcasm).

Real Me: [Firing up Chromium] has been down for a week, and I know you'll let me log in regardless of security stuff.

66 years of James Bond being a white male...don't care.

Announcement of a woman, and a woman of color no less, being James Bond...still don't care.

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Delta Representative: Sorry your bag didn't arrive with you. You'll have to download our app to track that.

Me: You got source code for that app that I can see, or a way to load it that isn't Google Play?

Delta Representative: 🤪

Me: Kindly fuck off and find my bag.


Work group chats are literally the worst.


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Hey, looks like Nasqueron is back online! Hello Fediverse. I've missed you.

At this point I'm pretty sure at least 50% by weight of any project I build is CA glue and hot glue.

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@rafial This can't be overstated.

DRM has ZERO benefit for the consumer. It it is 100% for the benefit of the megacorps and is often hostile to normal use-cases of the buyer, such as in this case where a buyer wants it to, you know, exist.

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I'm pretty sure that the $55 version of the Raspberry Pi 4 now has more horsepower than my home server.

I've been debating doing some video tutorials on programming in from the perspective of a noob at both programming and Racket itself. I've found a lack of materials for this in the wild do I guess that's the niche that needs to be filled? What I'd really kill for is some live coding from people like @cwebber , @clacke , @greghendershott etc to learn more. Just a thought.

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