I fucking love shitposting, I don't have a problem with 90% of you, but for fuck's sake, just try to find a joke format that doesn't need an in group, an out group, and someone you say is okay to hurt.

Because at this point, it's beginning to look like some of you just like to hurt people.

/ end rant

If you want to help Tumblr folks preserve content, Archive.org and archiveteam.org could use some donations and/or machine hosts. Anyone can host a machine if you can run a VM and afford some bandwidth. See: twitter.com/textfiles/status/1

@moonman The more scary one is the "death angel", often mistaken for safe ones.

Dead in 2 days.

Welllllll I've just bought a Switch. Oh well, I never buy myself anything, anyway...

love languages in the internet era:
* keysmashing
* "saw this n thought of you"
* shitposts
* regular checking in
* making art
* "when i see you in person let's [incredibly mundane shit]"

"the year is 2037. It's been nearly a decade since all pornography has, by necessity, come to include owls"


This is a twitter-thread looking at a peer-reviewed study in a US facility that sure looks like it violated patient consent rules.

They looked at 'extremely reduced' post-operative opioid regime in a gynecological surgical center. 3 days opiods, then you're on Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen.

Still have pain? Come back into the office with your abdominal wound and get 3 more days of pills.

All in the name of reducing opioid diversion to the black market. Oh and addiction.


So I've been on this instance since a while ago but I honestly don't know who the admins are or if we have a website or anything...

"I am a leftist and anarchist but I vastly prefer using corporate control platforms instead of actually using something that better aligns with my own ideologies."

this is how it feels to read internet leftists critiquing Mastodon.

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"Sweaters are the secret ingredient for happiness," my friend today.

I love cold weather because it's an excuse to wear hats, coats, and cute turtlenecks.

"Zero Tolerance" policies in schools are a tool of the school-to-prison pipepline. Lemme explain.

You do violence, you get expelled. No exceptions. Easy, simple, everyone knows what's what.

Except. The first punch is rarely thrown by the one starting shit. The first punch is often the *reaction* to the intolerable provocation. Bullies know this. Needle a kid until he explodes, laugh as the weenie gets thrown out of school.

At midnight, we discovered we had no hot water in the house. I went to the basement to check the water heater, and saw an error code on it.

Friends, it's 2018, and tonight I had to reboot my water heater.

Users develop craft -- incredibly complicated folk-ontologies, rituals, procedures, and heuristics -- for working with whatever tools they regularly use, & this craft is itself a tool. A user who identifies as 'non-technical' is in fact extremely technical: their desire to stay roughly within the bounds of the craft they have already developed leads them to invent incredible workarounds.

Fixed up some stuff in an old project. Didn't realize previous commit was literally exactly a year ago...

Nice haul today. I don't think I'll ever get tired of opening packages. The electronics are for Japaric's Rust + microcontrollers tutorial: japaric.github.io/discovery/

You know you're a bike noob when a "short trip to check potential commute path" turns into a 5-hour "adventure".

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