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@klaatu I just found out about New Zealand Lolly Cake. Have you encountered it at a local bakery at all, and if so, is it wonderful?

I'm going to be shooting an instructional video on how to use a defibrillator for a customer in two weeks. I have done video shoots before, but never for complete strangers who are paying me as a professional. I was extremely close to saying no, because I was nervous, both about asking my boss for time off, and about ruining the shoot and ending up with an angry customer. Money's too good, though, and avoiding mistakes is what careful planning is for, so here goes nothing...

@klaatu What do you know about StudioBinder, and is there anything like a FOSS version that covers at least some of the same functionality?

I'm currently reading "Triplanetary", so I won't be listening to the review ep for a while.

Big day today! I am now officially a Canadian citizen!

It's hard to express how great a feeling this is for me. I have lived in Canada as a permanent resident for many years, and somehow I still felt like an outsider. Today I started really feeling more at home. Like this is it--this really is my home now. And I am so, so happy about that.

Pic of me and partner after citizenship ceremony (we both became Canadian citizens today). Eye contact.

Cool, I'm dipping into dial-up speeds. This my friends, is "broadband" internet in rural America. :)

The behaviour of Freenode I suppose mirrors that of the tech industry as a whole. You have tech bros and you have traditionalists who believe things have to be hard, and believe gatekeeping is what separates "the boys from the men" or something inane like that.

I have figured out things usually despite, and not because, of their help.

People, please put the President's Bird Droppings behind a CW if you've gotta' share them here. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that I'd have kept my Birdhouse account if I were dying to see that bilge every day.

And!! This is a picture I really like...I am super proud of it, this is like a peak of my artistic abilities as for now!! I am super extra proud, I was trying to paint something like this ages ago and I failed it's my time to shine!✨

BAIT: Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! Show more

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