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Alright guys, I'm heading home from sweden soon and am super excited to lool through my fotos!
Stay tuned for my irregular updates!

Also I'd like some input on where to present my photos best... I have this little blog on but I wonder if a #pixelfed account might make sense... Can you create albums there or is it just a continuous stream of images? And how well can you present to people without a pixelfed account?

I'm almost done with Draft 01 of Chapter 13 of the latest book. I feel like I've been "almost done" with Chapter 13 for, like, decades now. It's the chapter-that-would-not-end, yet the darned thing isn't even up to average length yet.

It's that old ineffectual feeling...creeping in, oozing in...

Rainier National Park earlier today. Mountain was in the clouds, but it was a gorgeous day

Well, here's my Mastodon timeline, inside Emacs, on a DEC VT420.

Currently rewatching "Nana" from 2005. It's aged very well. I loved the manga, too; haven't read that in years.

Wandering.Shop is named for the literary trope in which a shop of oddities appears to the hero, sells them something that kicks off their story, then vanishes.

Today, next to an old Quaker graveyard, I came across precisely the kind of antique shop that inspires the trope: on the outside an ordinary-looking house; on the inside, a twisty series of rooms full of random curiosities. Including this late 1930s Remington Remette, which came home with me.

Today is the 100th birthday of technical badass Katherine Johnson. Ms Johnson calculated trajectories for Apollo space missions by hand.

Another cover for a book that doesn't exist. Part of my "Off Brand Books" series.

What do people use the Lists function in Masto for? It seems like one of those "good for other people" sort of tools, but maybe I'm missing something?

#theoldstones I worked on this book for about nine months so pretty cool to see the final product. Buy a copy why don’t you! (You can pre-order from or Amazon or your local bookshop!) #watkinspublishing #dailymegalith #neolithic #bronzeage #standingstones #stonecircles #burialchambers #gazetteer That’s my pic of Lundin Links as well - get me I’m a #photographer as well as an #editor

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when you overexpose night photos and you have a lot of moon light and no artificial light you get pictures which look like they are taken on a sunny day - just with stars.
#photography #LongExposure

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Today's trail pictures.
Weather a bit changeable, but no surprise given the fact the season is on the turn πŸ˜€
I liked the little cave that looks like some fairy folk might live there...

I got invited to a local author event at the public library. It's on for tomorrow. I went to the first one they did last year, but, since I was all-digital at the time, it was silly of me to have a table. I put the first book into paperback form since then, but it's only the one.

I chose not to RSVP for this one, and haven't decided if I even want to stop by. Maybe if/when I get more of my books in paper I'll feel more enthusiastic about it.

"Everybody's Taking A Nap"

Walmart shopping; "Voice From The Void"; messed up recording; lots of thoughts on the narrative of the "Halo" game series (but not of the game itself); bad accident right near our house; and more, in this long update!

Ooops. I ate nearly a whole bag of Big Chewy Nerds. My heart will be going pita-pat soon, and not in a good way.

OK so my roommate for the big house 8, a smash tournament happening this october in detroit, bailed on me. i NEED someone to room with, please boost for visibility!
requirements: be trans and going to big house and willing to split a room. that's it.

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