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David Collins-Rivera @lostnbronx@social.nasqueron.org

quick couple of doodles / fan-art I did a while ago, my interpretation of the Witches of Chaosah (from right to left=Thyme, Cayenne and Cumin) and Shichimi and Yuzu (presenting a cake for the 20th episode), I ought to do a new fan-art any time soon. 🙂

#krita #fanart #peppercarrot #artwithopensource #linuxartists mastodon.cc/media/krTudnzfuRVf mastodon.cc/media/FAv1vUyPdfbK

It's amazing how different the phrases "alcohol free" and "free alcohol" are.

@Gargron I would like to read your views about the current state of the Fediverse, and where you you'd like to see it go in the future vs. where you think it probably WILL go (which might be the same, but might not).



I keep meaning to get back to it. And I may just! Thanks!

@razcore @Arr0w_root That's beautiful -- there's a lot going on, yet it's nice and short. Well done!

@Arr0w_root, @lostnbronx
Thanks a bunch for the feedback the other day on my #design intros for my #YT channel done in #b3d & #krita, now with added #natron to the mix. People seem to like this one more for some reason. This is my improvement, perhaps.

Hope someone likes it! :D


Little Bronx wanted a microphone for playing "Garry's Mod" tonight, and I realized that I don't have any cheap, convenient mics for quick computer use in the house. Only more-or-less expensive ones requiring phantom power and a preamp.

We ordered a new, but very cheap, headset for him with a microphone (actually two headsets -- he's hard on them).

I have some strange glaring holes in my audio hardware inventory.


I haven't updated mine in so long, it doesn't count, but I do have one.


Discussion about feline behavior among the shelter volunteers this morning led to the following (entirely true) statement:

“Saying ‘domesticated cats’ is wrong. They’re house cats, domestic-by-choice, but not domesticatED. And at any moment, they can and will remind you of that.”

I hit my $500/mo recurring donation goal! Now my costs are covered and I'm making a little money with open source 😁 thanks to everyone who supports my work ❤️

I guess my self-mandate to "ease into the week" has gone as planned. Now, to start working!

Wait, what? It's Friday already?!


I like #1. It's complicated. It keeps me looking. I want to know what's going on there.

Personally, I'd make "Razcore.com" at the end a different color than white, to make it leap out -- bright yellow or something. But that's just a nitpick.

Very nice!

New simple #design (#WIP) intros for my #YT channel. Yah I know some still have "bugs", which idea do you like more, 1, 2 or 3? All possible with #b3d & #krita and will power :)

1: mastodon.art/media/88FL9XMlb87
2: mastodon.art/media/JTwKiaHudrY

3: mastodon.art/media/xiIH-Doxbo1


I wasted a lot of time figuring that out. A lot of tears. A lot of disappointment -- not just for me, but for everyone involved, who always expected "more" from me somehow.

I still care about many of them, but this life is mine.

REMINDER: It's important to avoid those people in life who try (or even actually do) make you feel guilty for living the way you need to.

Maybe they do it because of their own beliefs, or because of their fears, or their mental problems, but the end result is nothing but pain.

We don't get enough time in life to waste any of it on them.