Cool, I'm dipping into dial-up speeds. This my friends, is "broadband" internet in rural America. :)


Several days in the past week, I'd have happily taken those speeds off your hands. Rural internet in the USA is just a friggin' disgrace.


@jezra We're on Frontier. The name says it all. And, aside from satellite Internet (expensive and crappy), it's the only ISP available to us.

I'm jealous of the ping times on your DSL connection. :)

@jezra They vary widely, and I can't understand why. Some days, I don't have any major complaints. Other days, it's like web pages are being snailmailed to us. It's a very inconsistent experience.

if your pings are good, then it sounds like typical overselling of capacity.

@jezra Yeah, that sounds about right -- holidays and weekends, when everyone's home, are terrible. Being the only game in town (outside of town, actually), they're just signing as many people up as possible, without worrying about capacity.

When you discuss your internet options with Frontier, do they laugh when you mention HughesNet?

@jezra There's no one to discuss it with. I've actually been to the local office/routing station/whatever a couple of times, and the only people who I've ever seen in it are two ladies who act as secretaries, billing, and phone (as well as in-person) tech support. I think you're spot-on with your over-capacity observation about them.

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