Holy shit, I'm so sick of this quasi-birdsite flame war garbage. I so totally didn't sign up for this.

Wow, the @wilw dogpile was fucking disgusting to see play out. People really do suck.

@lostnbronx @wilw what happened? I know he dropped out of the fediverse (or at least threatened to)

@thaj @wilw @lostnbronx
yup people suck. It's pretty sad that this community of such accepting people would target a single actor and push them out of the space for having a differing opinion. I was thinking that wilw would have given some major mainstream draw to the fediverse.

@lostnbronx @wilw I agree. I am tired of this kind of thing. I don't consider myself a fan of will but I am a huge fan of basic human dignity and civility and today's events disgust me to the point that I may follow him out the door

@ragamuffinjim @wilw @lostnbronx

No don't leave. We can all live here just fine and dandy. Just don't keep pushing the crazy people's buttons. Stand on them. It's just the internet.

sticks and stones.... people hurt people. insert whatever else you think will make the feels better.

@lostnbronx I haven't heard anything about the Wil Wheaton thing other than there is one. But I don't even now the Title of the thing. Should I not bother with it?


No, it's not worth looking into at this point. There's nothing to be done. I'm taking a break from Masto, for a while.

@lostnbronx @wilw

Well, I'm late to finding out about it.

IT looks quite bad.....

Proves that there will never be a
utopia or heaven if people are involved.

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