Wow, the @wilw dogpile was fucking disgusting to see play out. People really do suck.

Nice to see the fediverse is just as good at dogpiling and harassing people as twitter.

People are the fucking worst and tbh, I think I'm just done with social media.

Holy shit, I'm so sick of this quasi-birdsite flame war garbage. I so totally didn't sign up for this.

Okay, WILDFLOWER Show more

I'm not at all hungry, but if there was any pizza in the house right now, I'd eat it.

I really don't have the spoons to handle drama and discourse today, so I've taken a backup of my following list and will unfollow anyone who boosts or toots about topics that stress me out.

Hopefully, that'll give me a less stressful home timeline, and if it empties too much, I'll probably just refollow everyone tomorrow.

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Please consider this: you have choices all day long about how you treat people. Every interaction can be kind, or it can be cruel, and the choice you make will have an effect on people you’ll never meet. Make a choice that you’ll feel good about.

The bottom of a barrel that's at the top of the heap is a pretty nice place to be!

Honestly, I'm very appreciative. This makes my day!

Sending this message from a solar-powered raspberry pi, on a sailboat in Fiji. The #solarpunk dream is real!

Also free idea for the tech people on here: band camp but for books

I’ve literally been desperate for this for years. We hate amazon. Please someone do this

was riding the motorcycle on some of the backroads and came across this little beauty

Okay, enough of all this interesting stuff!. Time to get some (considerably less interesting) work done.

idk how many people are seeing me on the local and federated timelines vs how many are just coming from my twitter but anyway hi! as a quick intro i'm bobby. i'm a trans artist from daytona beach, fl making a game called Super Lesbian Animal RPG

Looking for recommendations: I want to get off Goodreads and keep a local/iCloud sync'd journal of books read / reviews and notes / books I want to read. Any tips?

Is it me, or has youtube-dl become nearly useless over the last year or so?

This artist paints some really cool pride flag skies, I'm gonna use some of these as wallpapers

btw, I'm so delighted someone's already gone for the Special Wholesale Book Shop/Comic Shop Reward! It's the first time I've tried that. If there are any comic shops out there who want indie/smallpress books without fuss, you can pre-order 5 here and I'll post them to you!

#comics #comicshop #comicshops #bookshops #bookshop

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