@citrustwee how do i download this to share viavdiscord. serious question

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a wonderful Mayday to all of you!

Sex work is work, care work is work, begging is work, smuggling people is work, street drug dealing is work

@Tasnyx christ, how do i get paid to be shit at writing? im here being shit at writing for free like a chump

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@matt hey ho the diddly o
colliers put on a terrific show
fighting iron maggie and edgar allen poe
all for the coal in your heated stove

hey ho the diddly o
the bourgeoisie are piddly o
a miner is a comrade though
someone tag in healyn yo

bodhran solo

hey ho the diddly o
down with the capitalist status quo
soon we'll switch to mining landfills so
we can all celebrate with some cheap arse blow

thank u ill be here all evening

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:blobcatpeek: hi there

Have I mentioned that my librarians-and-necromancy fantasy is out now? Spooky-sweet and full of warmth and weirdness.

If you want, you can read the first three chapters for free here: victoriacorva.xyz/books-bone-s

:blobcatpeek: ok thanks bye

bodily fluids/idk, just feels like it should have a CW Show more

@matt im composing a mighty folk song to take u down once and for all

im going to need 12 hearty morrispersons and a keg of ale

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me, to a dog: haha, I bet you wish you were bipedal
the dog: jesus fuck, you STAND on your ankle??

@starwall i want to write a book about australian cryptids one day

@Deiru i dunno enough about computers to grok this whole but will take your word for it :)

@dirt did u authorised this: (id: 30mL perfume by demeter called "dirt")

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