I have a dream of a future where all technology is modular, easily replacable, and recyclable.

You phone screen broke? Just replace it and recycle the old one. Your laptop's getting a little slow? Replace the CPU.

This would also require a set of universal adaptors and fittings, so that everything would be compatible with everything else.

And I honestly don't feel like this is a lot to ask?

@InvaderXan it is though because that would require a worldwide industry to cooperate and settle on a bunch of standards. Having everything pluggable will also require proper, easy to use connectirs, that also do not break after a few uses. It would be really expensive. Also, this sucks but is just true: Making everything __too__ replaceable would reduce profits for device makers in such a way that it would hardly be viable to be in the business.

I would gladly be proven wrong by the future though... :)

@aetios @InvaderXan sounds like greed is the only thing stopping it then

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