I have a dream of a future where all technology is modular, easily replacable, and recyclable.

You phone screen broke? Just replace it and recycle the old one. Your laptop's getting a little slow? Replace the CPU.

This would also require a set of universal adaptors and fittings, so that everything would be compatible with everything else.

And I honestly don't feel like this is a lot to ask?

To be fair we already do have all necessary fittings for modular laptops. But Lenovo would not want you to know that.


I don't even think it's about scarcity but rather complete denial of the resource.

They don't want you to think there's not enough fittings to go for everybody, they want you to think that while fittings are there and enough for everyone, you see them your entire life (open your PC box if you have it), there is no way to use them on laptops.

That monoboards are "thinner" and thus "better" and if you use fittings you get a thick, bad laptop, that to think otherwise is foolish.


Rather than creating artificial scarcity they create artificial obsolesence.

@Deiru i dunno enough about computers to grok this whole but will take your word for it :)

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