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cannot exit disaster mode. continue running bipan.exe in disaster mode? Y/Y

irish lgbt charity, teach solais (lighthouse) galway, is fundraising to provide mental health support and other lgbt resources:

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If you’re a UK resident or citizen, and don’t want #Brexit, sign this official petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.

(Keep trying if the site goes down - bots are regularly overloading it)
#stopbrexit #revokearticle50petition

To watch the numbers without overloading the site, use

The numbers aren’t updated often because the petition site servers are struggling. :-(

theres probably not going to be a one size fits all tipping point for the climate emergency or the spread of the far right that jolts all potential activists into motion. and thats ok even if its frustrating we all have to start where we are and do what we can

update: it's too wet to not plant them so here we go i guess

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ISIS vs white supremacist internet Show more

i hand the former sheriff my hip flask. he takes a weary swig, then winces. it's full of berocca

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It's fucked up that they make dogs be cops

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Hot take about dealing with extremists Show more

schoolkids' climate action strike is a great sign for the future. it won't be easy but i think the young people are on the right track

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boost if you give goths permission to pose and take photos on your grave after you die

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Thank you tea for existing, you're sweet and great

if id realised in advance that this server wasn't specifically for qyr wytches to shytpost i probably would have picked a different one, sorry wolfman

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some nerd: "you cant own land"
me [mowing a dick into the grass]: lmao we'll see about that

i just wanna eat garlic bread and make weird shit

i found so many fucking fig seeds yesterday. my whole year just got so much better

@goat is this u

img description: home job tattoo of chibi baphomet with blep, found on reddit

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