The burden of implementing #uploadfilter should be on the copyright holder organizations. Implement as a SaaS. Youtube pays $0.01 per each correct hit, and copyright holders $100 for each false positive.

@maswan You're right and I applaud you for doing that (even if I'm not using your instance now).

Me running a mastodon instance with public signups is a political action.

Further corollary: if you build and run a popular web site (say, the bird site), it affects so many people that the site and everything it does is inherently political, whether the founders want that or not.

Corollary: Software freedom is inherently political.

Even open source is, even if its origin story tries to avoid that.

Everything that significantly affects many people is inherently political.

@federicomena I agree.

Code is about communication between four entities: the one who writes it, the one who reads it, the one who modifes it, and the computer. The computer just does what it is literally told to. The rest are humans help they can get to understand the code.

Naming clearly helps humans understand. Be kind to the humans who need to understand your code. They might be you. Or worse, they might be me.

@mansr It's a riff on the Blues Brothers quote, which says 109 miles to Chicago. Tha'ts 175 km.

Storing passwords in cleartext was considered bad, incompetent practice since the 1970s, at the very least. Probably earlier. Anyone doing it in 2012 was grossly incompetent.

Not kidding.

@n8 Could you link to an example? Privately, if need be?

Reading up on Blues Brothers quotes in preparation for my work trip to Chicago next month.

The criterion for "simple, obvious code" is that I can understand and debug it even after a days of little sleep, while my web sites are under active attack, I'm ill, it's 175 kilometers to Chicago, it's dark, and I'm wearing sunglasses.

My best code is not the code where others go "wow, that's complex! however did you manage to write that?"

My best code is where others go "that's obvious, what's the big deal?"

In this way code resembles magic.

Current filing a bug report on my fingers...

"I file a bug report" I meant to type.

@feonixrift Every argument has at least six sides: my side, your side, right side, wrong side, upside, downside.

I fileva bug report_ instead of filling a bug.

I have two bits's worth of opinion, not two cents'. is back. I only recently learnt about this and only today caught up with their new episodes in my stream of episodes from the various podcasts and oggcasts I follow. So nice to have them back.

(I don't think they'r on the fediverse?)

Look, the Titanic Steering Committee and Deckchair Planning Group have quite clearly expressed their opinion that iceberg-related hull damage is unacceptable.


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