I'm moving again, to a new mastodon instance. This time to a personal one, hosted by masto.host.

toot.liw.fi/@liw if you want to follow me there as well. (I've set up this one to tell people, but might as well toot about it, too.)

Thanks to @Dereckson for social.nasqueron.org, been happy, but I wanted to explore having my own instance next.

Is this the shortest definition of functional programming? "Programmers battling against time and change."

Humanity: continuously disappointing under-performer and the biggest reason no intelligent species visits this planet.

Read this carefully, I will write it only once.

@praxis Nah, just a random thought I wanted to radiate into the aether.

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Redis developer and others complain that being a maintainer of a successful open source project is hard work. While I'm sure there are problems, it sounds a little like rich people complaining that they have a hard life.

A side plot is that apparently Linux distributions and users make changes and this is awaful for the maintainers. This I can't understand at all.

I would go as far as saying that if software is only ever modified by its own developers, it's not free software.

@mmin Facebook on reilun 15 v. 2.8 miljardia valetiliä on yli 6 tiliä per sekunti. Eikä tässä vielä edes lasketa vielä löytämättömiä valetilejä.

Ihmisiä on seitsemisen miljarida. 2.8 on siitä vähän alle puolet. Eli Facebookissa on suljettu melkein yksi tili per kaksi olemassa olevaa ihmistä.

Miten ihmeessä tuo on mahdollista? Miten ihmeessä siellä on noin paljon tilejä ylipäätään? Miten voi olla että FB antaa luoda noin paljon tieljä?

Olenko epäluuloinen vai haiskahtaako tässä nyt jokin?

Petrol-running cars are using liquid remains of dinosaurs as fuel.

Cars are mechanical vampires.

If you have to make a sign to tell people you're not homophobic...

maybe you should consider the possibility that you are.


Top writing tip of the day: write keep your paragraphs fairly short and have one thought or concept or point per paragraph.

@federicomena No. :)

(Sometimes I can't stop myself from suggesting really outrageous things. Sorry.)

RT @lilah_sturges@twitter.com
Helpful phrases to learn:

"I don't know the answer to that. Let's find out."

"Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks!"

"I was wrong."

"I've thought about what you said and I've changed my mind as a result."

Not only are these phrases useful, they also make you a better person!

"Anyone can say anything about anything to anyone via any channel or forum they want, and there can be no repercussions except other people responding" is not exactly freedom of speech.

Stopping people from denying others' right to exist, or stopping them from the use of violence against said others, is not exactly censorship.

Letting people have tools to avoid being subjected to messages denying their own right to exist, or to stop others from stalking them, is not at all like dictatorship.

@federicomena That'd certainly work better than naming branches after the SHA of the message explaining the branch's purpose.

I'm kind of liking inserting an empty git commit at the beginning of a long-ish branch, that just has a commit message explaining the purpose of that branch.

"X things you didn't know" is a crappy headline for an article. Pure clickbait.

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