In the early months of 2015 I had the idea that it'd be nice if there was a tool to test that Debian packages can be installed and removed without unfortunate side effects. A little later, Tollef came up with a name, and piuparts was born.

I'm not so good at running a service for years. Holger Levsen happily took over from me in 1996, and has been running piuparts on the Debian archive since. He has some help now. They've released 1.0 today.

Well done, Holger et al.

Er, 2015? I meant 2005.

Young people, when you're not sure what decade it is, is a sign you're getting old.

me, I often find myself realizing that something that happened "the other day" was actually a quarter century ago ;-)

@liw BTW, I think Holger would very much like more help if anyone is looking for a way to help Debian.

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