Every now and then I encounter people who find it radical to think that maybe it'd be good if we treated other people well, or at least avoided treating them badly.

Such people tend to also have at hand reasons why specific sets of people should be treated worse than others.

It always surprises and saddens me a little. It shouldn't, by now, I'm old enough to know better, but not old enough to actually know better.

@liw many many, many people believe that we live in a just world, and that those who suffer, do so, because they have done something wrong. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just-wor

@meena I don't understand people who think like that, either. Nor do I think we live in a just world.

@liw @meena I don't understand this either, nor why the number of people who think like this is so high. But it explains to some extent why the world is as it is.

Perhaps it's a fear of losing something combined with tribalism. Us-vs-Them, let's get the sticks. :/

I just wish people understood that in today's world, you benefit from enabling others.

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