Seems like my disks in the RAID array aren't failing, it's the usb top-loading enclosure tthat's holding the disks that flaked out... I think. The dmesg logs indicated a usb disconnect right before RAID got unhappy. And it was both disks, not just one, in contrast to what I first saw.

Anyway, backups are up and running fine again. Horray for backups!

@cwebber Hooray indeed!

(Suddenly thinking there should be a backup awareness week. 🤔 )

@liw @cstanhope is there another day planned just in case World Backup Day fails??

@cwebber @liw I thought you were joking, but wow! There really is a World Backup Day:

@cstanhope @liw If you run backups on World Backup Day only, they'll be good enough forever #thisisbadadvice

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