For email, I apply a fairly strict GTD of Inbox Zero approach. That works less well for Mastodon (maybe other fediverse clients), Twitter, and SSB (at least with Patchwork), where the UI is an infinite stream of new messages, and no easy way to see what's new since you last read through all messages. Not sure how to think about that.

IRC has the same issue, but for some reason I don't much mind it there. Maybe I'm just used to IRC by now.

@liw It works very well for me on Mastodon to just remember where I stopped. But if there were more traffic, it would not work.

Email, on the other hand, is a lost cause.

@liw IRC is bottom-up, Mastodon (add most streaming platforms) are top-down. That is, on IRC, NEW content appears at the BOTTOM of the feed, and scrolls UP. On streams, new content generally appears at the TOP of the stream and scrolls DOWN.

Most IRC channels are relatively small, and I'm used to task or Q&A-focused ones. You don't FOLLOW PEOPLE, you JOIN A CHANNEL.

Generally, you're interested in what happened in the channel AFTER join.

And IRC has very powerful CLI search, usually.

@liw For Mastodon, I employ lists, generally by priority, A, B, C, D, etc. More than about three really doesn't work, and I'm mostly in A & B.

I follow far more profiles, but don't generally see them (though they're frequently reshared up-list).

There are also some topical / themed lists, though I find those don't _generally_ work well. Instance admins and media are usually useful though.

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