Once again I'm moved to say that someone doing a lot of good work is not a reason to tolerate them behaving badly.

I just read an insightful article about the idolization of genius and what it lets in particular old men get away with, specifically in that case Feynman, Asimov and Krauss (who is no longer getting away with it as much), and other links mentioned Einstein and Hawking.

With a worry in my gut, I search for Sagan and misogyny, but from what I can tell of what we know, he seems to have been a through-and-through generally pleasant chap.

@clacke As I get older I feel more strongly that one should not idolize people, regardless of how great they seem. Idols seem to always disppoint. Also, it's unfair to require humans to be super-humanly good in every way, just because they're good in one way.

If someone does something excellent, appreciate them for that, but don't assume they're excellent in every other way. If they happen to also do, or have done, something bad, condemn that, in a proportional and just amount.

@clacke In other words, neither idolize nor demonize. Unless someone really, truly deserves it.

You are right. But I do so want to believe that there is something (and someone) pure in this world.
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