True software freedom for this age: you can get the source code of a service you use, and can set it up on your own server. You can also get all your data from the service, and migrate it to another service (hosted by you or someone else). Futher, all of this needs to be easy, fast, and cheap enough to be feasible, and there can't be "network effects" that lock you into a specific service instance.

@liw this needs to be done with the Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc codebases

Forcibly open source them

@liw In the event you can't get THAT source code, I'm perfectly happy if you can easily find equivalent code from others.

I think it comes out to the same thing, though it may suggest things won't be easy enough.

@liw Bonus points if the data is end-to-end encrypted and a gold star if data is kept client-side whenever possible ;)

@liw we're getting there, full migration isn't really in place yet

But I'm looking forward to seeing how all of this develops!

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