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I need work. If you have use for software development in Python or C, on Linux or Debian, I'm available: short-term contracts, or part-time or full-time employment. I can do coding, and software architecture. I can work remotely. I reside in Finland, if that matters.

A fixed bounty per pull request or per closed issue is a horrible idea for open source development. Paying people for open source development is a hard problem, and simplistic solutions like that won't solve it.

the risk I took was calculated but man am I bad at math Show more

Fuck you, Erdoğan, fuck you very much.

PS. I stand by every word I said. Tyrants come and go. I will visit the land of my birth again one day.

PPS. Remember this next time you feel like booking a holiday to Erdoğan’s Turkey.

Today Twitter changed its API to lock out 3rd party clients. In case you want to improve your social media experience, join me in the free, decentralized and open world: #Mastodon #Twitter

It's getting difficult to remember CVEs, there are so many each year now. Using my PGP wordlist library, I can convert CVE numbers into triplets of words. CVS-2018-5390 would be aztec dakota atlas, which I for one find easier to remember.

pgpwordlist.hex_to_words(('%x' % (2018 * 10000 + 5390))[:6]) (needs to be ported to Python 3)

Happy Birthday, Debian. 🎂 🎉 🎈
25 years old.

Ian Murdock announced #Debian on August 16th 1993. The first release, 0.01, was made the next month, on September 15th.

Congratulations & thanks to the Debian volunteers, past and present, for making it such a fantastic distro. Here's to the next 25 years.

A man is at a friend's funeral. After the proceedings, he approaches the widow and asks if she minds if he says a word. "No, of course not," she replies. So he grabs a glass and taps a spoon against it to get everyone's attention, and when the muttering dies down, he clears his throat and speaks: "Plethora." He puts the glass back down and everyone continues their conversations. The widow turns to him, with a tear in her eye. "Thank you," she says. Show more

If having a coffee in the morning doesn't wake you up, try deleting a table in a production database instead.

i’ve had a bad day and now my home internet is down and anyway let me know if you have any leads for a data scientist/analyst job i can do from portland

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TIL one can share a toot in @Tusky (Mastodon client on Android) via email. Very handy.

Some days I feel so stupid I'm glad breathing is an automatic, involuntary function.

If human names were descriptive, mine would be "hates computers" or "make buggy computer programs".

Looking for a new developer job! Remote or PDX. Python, JavaScript, React, SQL. I enjoy full stack dev and data mangling. I'd love to continue working in healthcare and/or with products, businesses making the world a better place. Resume:

#Google te rastrea aunque de manera explícita le hayas dicho que no lo haga:

An AP investigation found that Google saves your location history even if you’ve paused “Location History” on mobile devices. This map shows where Princeton privacy researcher Gunes Acar travelled over several days, from data saved to his Google account despite “Location History” being off.


RT If you are a new programmer I just want you to know

me and all of my colleagues with years of experience

Google the most basic things _daily_


When making notes for oneself, it pays to avoid personal abbreviations for anything one might need to understand much later, such as in an hour.