Congratulations to our Director of Community Operations @freedeb for receiving this year's Award for the Advancement of Free Software at #LibrePlanet this weekend!

Today's favourite unit of measurement: attoparsec / fortnight.

I hear the Disney/Fox merger opens the door to an Avengers/Frozen crossover.

Serverless means there's no need for hardware CPUs or RAM.

The next step is driveless storage systems.

The experience of having HN or Reddit discuss something you've done is not to be recommended.

"Do you want desktop notifications?"

No! Never! Everybody please stop asking.

If you're like me, you can go to about:preferences#privacy in Firefox, And you'll see a section "Permissions". There you can click "Settings" for Notifications and choose to never see this annoying question again.

The same goes for Location.

I hopped onto the #Scuttleverse too, at @5tVOLgeI+eM2A/yGgoz2hYgFt7py7em3SnmOKZ7AVEc=.ed25519. Not quite sure why, not sure how long the experiment lasts, but while I'm there, are any of you over there, too?

#Freedombox booth at #Libreplanet featuring ikiwiki.

Cool to walk by my software.

The burden of implementing #uploadfilter should be on the copyright holder organizations. Implement as a SaaS. Youtube pays $0.01 per each correct hit, and copyright holders $100 for each false positive.

Me running a mastodon instance with public signups is a political action.

Further corollary: if you build and run a popular web site (say, the bird site), it affects so many people that the site and everything it does is inherently political, whether the founders want that or not.

Corollary: Software freedom is inherently political.

Even open source is, even if its origin story tries to avoid that.

Everything that significantly affects many people is inherently political.

Storing passwords in cleartext was considered bad, incompetent practice since the 1970s, at the very least. Probably earlier. Anyone doing it in 2012 was grossly incompetent.

Not kidding.

Reading up on Blues Brothers quotes in preparation for my work trip to Chicago next month.

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