The loss or damage of a cultural site is always a sad thing, but I'll be honest with you here. It's hard to feel bad about the Notre Dame fire. They have the means to fix it, so why worry?

Being on the receiving end of Europe's colonial project, my country's had countless cultural sites and relics destroyed and/or stolen. Our cultures and histories were erased, and Notre Dame is what hurts people. Nice.

I'll continue mourning for my people's irrevocable loss. No one else will.

It's difficult to not come off like I'm sourgraping here, but this also illustrates how easy it is for the landed/wealthy elite to make grand gestures of support for things like culture and "the people of France" when the sum of their kind donations could just as easily address poverty or homelessness if they wanted to. All without making a dent in their ledgers.

But sure, buddy. Let's keep the Nice Thing™ and sweep literal human bodies under the rug. It's business as usual.

But like, that church also stood watch over the West while the "civilized world" was rounding people like me up and stuffing us in literal zoos. We were gawked at as savages; less than human.

My mind turns to Asia, Africa, the pre-colonial Americas, Oceania; so many places that have only ever known the loss of our own.

Not to be inconsiderate, but someday, I hope everyone understands our grief. This is only an introduction.

I almost forgot one of the most important things: development aggression is still pushing people off of their ancestral land in my country. It's not just colonizers we need to deal with, it's the assholes in our literal back yards.

@lifeinterminals So true. And honestly it's sickening to see how much money they're throwing to rebuild it when it could be better used for so many other things...

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