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Looks like I'm scrounging around the wasteland for supplies again.

I want to make a game that's part Sims 4 and part Dark Souls. But like, also a survival game. And in VR. And in-game food is either stolen/gifted from other players, or purchased as a microtransaction.

In-game credits can be earned by rendering in-game service, with the choice to either be employed by or employ other players.

For the cost of in-game credits, you could also purchase player upgrades that affect the number of credits you earn or the likelihood of being chosen over other players.

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only 90s kids remember when recaptcha was helping project gutenberg transcribe old books instead of feeding the google machine learning beast so they can make cars

My cat is cool as hell, and I just wanted to show you. Say hi to Meatball! :3

My cat is cool as hell, and I just wanted to show you. Say hi to Meatball! :3

I passed on going to this year's pride march (the largest in our country yet) because I had to stay for my dad's medical treatments.

On the night of the march, he starts mouthing off about how gay people have no right to marry, and that the right to form corporations with each other for property rights is enough.

My father doesn't know I'm non-binary/queer.

My mother knows, but didn't bother to defend me when I was clearly distressed.

But hey, they're happy I'm home for once. Great.

Here I am, shifting in bed, thinking of wind and rain; Googling "world's rainiest cuties" by accident.

Now, I'm half asleep; thinking of wind. And rain. And you.

I still like the fediverse better than any of the other online spaces I'm in.

Holy fuck, they really did it! Discordance Axis 2.0 is really up and running. Tryna not cry this early, shit.

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list of nazis found today Show more

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The fields of containment rupture in one's traversal of time; broken, and fated to forever break.

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And to think our number one thing in common is how we're both tired of being alive, but stay because we're in good company. Looks like my dad'll be on this planet for a while.

KFC moves all of their IT-related needs to Linux systems.

First step is to recompile the Colonel.

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