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Another :
As a four year old I was told that the meaning of the word philosopher is "friend of knowledge" and also "friend of butterflies". 🦋
Thought it was very wild that mere thinking can be a job and who doesn't like butterflies? So, after finishing school, I started studying it and it was the best preparation for the later coming C.S.-studies.

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Delayed :

I grew up in times where anyone saying xenophobic/antisemitic/pro-nazi stuff would have outed themselves as complete idiots.
These days I hear shit like "it wasn't all bad, they also built the Autobahn" and similar creepy things on the streets.
Don't stay silent, , oppose, if you're safe enough to do so.

Oh and hi ! Love to see so many different, interesting people here and *not* be confronted with murderous propaganda, like it happens elsewhere.

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I won't join and watch streams today, nor stream, because I'm partaking in this transnational strike against Amazon. I realize that my partaking probably won't make much of a difference, and that Twitch is only affiliated by being owned by Amazon, but I feel it's important to take part in this for myself.

More info here:

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Does anyone know an immigration attorney looking for work? Just received an email about a staff opening at one of the most incredible firms doing asylum and pro bono work in the US. I am in love with all the work they are doing; they have been incredibly successful and creating a replicable model.

Please boost, tag, etc for visibility. This is a pressing need. Please DM me to get more details if you or someone you know who is qualified is interested.

This position is in Oregon.

Long overdue, but finally done:

Deleted my fakehook, birdsite
and geemail.

Feels good to not be a client of spineless companies anymore.

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birbsite satire, silly valley, cccp Show more

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Let's celebrate the fact that #Article13 was stopped with this fair use remix of a copyrighted song played on floppies

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Indeed Github now blocks Tor. It didn't take long for Microsoft to get going on the evilness.
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From Black Socialists of America on the birdsite:


We‘re looking for a sleek, avant-garde, and exceptionally CREATIVE website upgrade (and mobile app).

We DO have a budget.

If you‘re interested in this gig, PLEASE share your portfolio through the form below:

That was quick as a nick:
Click remix, then "Show live", copy provided img-tag, paste it into the wannabe-tracked-site, done.
Works like a charm, thanks for sharing! <3

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I made something simple and old-school.

I wanted to know what pages were being visited but didn't want a creepy 3rd party tracker running scripts and messing with cookies so I built my own, based on the old 90s stat counter images.

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Since reading Oliver Sacks' book on migraine, I've been able to better understand mine as experiences that envelop my whole mind and body.

Taking this afternoon off to get back in the right frame of mind. #fuzzy

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Sacrificing #privacy on the altar of #copyright:

"Implementation of Article 13 results in a total real-time filtering of every piece of content that will be uploaded to the internet."

Want to get a Great Firewall of Europe? Because that's how you get a Great Firewall of Europe.

A long time ago I used a common expression within the german language, that literally translates to "I'm seeing black", when one of my friends – a PoC – asked me to not use that expression, because it's racist.

I hereby admit, that my first inner reaction was anger: Me a racist? For Godard's sake, how dare they to accuse me of such inhumanities?

The second step was to realize, that it's not about me and that being considerate of a friend's feelings and realities, is the least thing to do.

What I think when I see drawings of peeps with exaggerated long noses, and humanized frogs in someone's timeline:

Not much anymore. My brain immediately associates them with the memes of the "alt right" – a term that to me translates directly to "neo-nazis" – then my amygdala gets overflown with adrenaline and woot there we are: In a fight-, flight- or freeze-mode, no capacities left for a single thought.

Origins of the term "political correctness" and its contemporary context Show more

Tomorrow the EU-parliament will vote whether to proceed with a . You can read here about the impacts it would have in five languages, and might want to sign the petition, too:

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