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EU about to order internet platforms to install mandatory upload filters (a.k.a freely programmable automatic censoring infrastructure). Raise your voices against imminent destruction of internet culture and negative impact on european startups.

exodus, it is. i moved all my source-repos away from m$ an erected a new base camp at

i urge all my followers to consider leaving microsoft github again. i wont let them instrumentalize my code for their big PR parade. i want to remind you that microsoft spies on its poor users more than ever with windows 10 and - at the same time - produces itself as the new hip open source supporter.

you are worth more than that.

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«It has been a crazy 24 hours for GitLab. […]. We imported over 100,000 repositories, and we've seen a 7x increase in orders. We went live on Bloomberg TV. And on top of that, Apple announced an Xcode integration with GitLab.

Today, we're excited to announce that GitLab Ultimate and Gold are now free for educational institutions and open source projects. […]»

#github #gitlab

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The problem with that internet hypes is that they do not last long.

But I really would love if #deletefacebook would last LOOOOONG! And after that #deletetwitter #deletesnapchat #deleteinstagram and #joinmastodon #joinscuttlebutt and #joinmatrix

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Was heutzutage fehlt: Menschen, die ganz ehrlich sagen: ich habe keine Ahnung von X. Und es betrifft mich nicht. Ich richte mich nach Meinungen von Betroffenen und neutralen Experten. UND ICH GEBE KEINEN BESCHEUERTEN KOMMENTAR DAZU AB. #Spahn

hot new rulesets for

HTTPSEverywhere 2018.03.13's rulesets have been integrated in the just now released libhttpseverywhere 0.8.2

get it here:

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I wrote a #web #frontend for #git #dit - the distributed issue tracker for git.

It currently can _view_ things, there's no "Add issue" or "Reply" functionality and it is _not_ intended for web-facing (but running locally for local repositories).

Read more about the development and why (also #screenshots):

Or check out the repository at:


I just saved a Logitech Z323 2.1 speaker system from throwing away. I learned a few things.
1. the plastic cover over the plug-connectors are only seemingly pointless. they have vital impact on acoustics.
2. have heat conducting fluid ready. yoou will need it for the amplifier when you reassemble the unit.
3. if you forgot the cover mentioned in 1, covering the screwholes with isolation tape does a good job in improving acoustics.
4. The unit is disassembly-unfriendly

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There's a lot of experimentation right now in as people try to get Continuous Integration sorted out.

GTK+ now has CI and a custom Docker image.

Librsvg has CI and needs custom Docker images.

Pygobject has CI, but requires help from Github to be able to run CI on Appveyor on Windows.

Also, we need more hardware!

(How come Signal gets $50M but the GNOME Foundation doesn't?)

arrived at , if anyone wants to talk about , and it's possibilities of usage or and , , or any other of my projects, drop me a toot.
- processing graphs in gtk
- HTTPSEverywhere outside the browser
- 1click-installer for multiple MSI packages

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