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One of the largest platforms in the federated social web is dropping the protocol that it started with. Show more

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Framasoft is gearing up for their next big fediverse project, which is an events platform intended to replace Facebook Events. Show more

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Pleroma, the Elixir-based fediverse communication platform, has finally pushed out a stable 1.0 release! Show more

@yam655 @jalcine I've just not written a dramatic script before. I'd certainly like to try!

@yam655 @jalcine I actually do have a concept in the works, one that could potentially be low-budget.

The biggest challenge is figuring out how to write the script, and get people to star in it.

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Now, you can SSH directly into a Pleroma instance and use it as an old-school Bulletin Board System (BBS) Show more

@prinzpiuz I'm biased, since it's my project, but I run the instance, which is filled to the brim with Creative Commons and Public Domain media. It's intended to serve as a "starter pack" of sorts for new instances that want to populate their listings with content that's been curated and vetted.

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An overview of a slick new fediverse microblogging platform with a great UI and loads of features. Show more

@autogestion @blog It's actually more of a slogan or a motto than anything else. In a sense, distribution here refers to both distributing free technologies, and distributing messages in an open network. While you're right that a federated network isn't strictly distributed in a DNS-agnostic P2P sense, the scattering of messages across many instances is technically still applicable.

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The famous speech that kicked off projects like FreedomBox, Diaspora, and many others. Show more

@trwnh @blog @sean those aren't for Corp, I'm trying to build a share bar for federated networks based on this:

Might make that invisible for right now, and maybe move to a different implementation strategy.

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The project officially moves into a new phase, broadcast on the fediverse itself. Show more

This is just a test to see if articles are federating correctly. Show more

Hmm, I seem to be able to follow @feneas on Mastodon, but not Pleroma...

Damn it, I signed into the wrong account on Tusky. 😅

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I wrote up the API I'm thinking about for my #ActivityPub #PHP library! If you're interested in building federated PHP applications, I'd really appreciate if you check it out:

I opened an issue where people can give feedback and discuss the API so that we can make sure it will meet the needs of Fediverse developers. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contribute to the discussion:

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Wow. Seeing @sir take that step to be funded solely for FL/OSS work is inspiring! I do hope they write about the mechanics ( highlights their announcement). Congrats!

#dev | #floss | #webdev

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