Hmm...I kind of like it, but I should probably explore other ideas, too. This was the simplest thing, and probably looks the most publication-ready.

(No, I didn't draw the lines. That's the awesome free font Polya)

You know, I think there's really something to this. The British "stiff upper lip" is equally hilarious and inspiring, in its embrace of stoicism, and appeal to manners and good nature.

This isn't a meme. I actually took this picture at a club that featured an Amy Winehouse cover band.

Oh no, there's a crazy good sale going on with, all of their courses are $9 each.

Yay, I got to meet @anish tonight! We had some really great conversations, and talked in depth about Free Software, the fediverse, technology, and philosophy. Extremely cool to meet you, dude.

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Just met up with @wakest! They're a really cool human, it was super fun talking about the complexity of this weird space we share. I think we're both the 4th or 5th fediverse person we've met in meatspace.

Dude the train is Star Trek TNG aesthetic, wtf. There are touchscreens and everything.

For Halloween this year, I'm a post-apocalyptic mercenary. In other words, AN ORDINARY AMERICAN 20 YEARS FROM NOW

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