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I would love to know more about #peertube ... is it federated but also connected to Mastodon? Or something else, with similar model? I join an instance there? Any recommendations on instances there on peertube that have resonance here? Thx

Boyfriend @deadsuperhero

@dogtrax PeerTube instances can federate video with one another, but it's also possible to follow individual PeerTube channels from federated microblogging apps like Mastodon or Pleroma.

Following the channel from the microblogging side will allow you to see new videos that get posted from your stream!

@deadsuperhero yes, that! :D

But also:

"P2P & Privacy

PeerTube uses the BitTorrent protocol to share bandwidth between users. It implies that your public IP address is stored in the public BitTorrent tracker of the video PeerTube instance as long as you're watching the video. If you want to keep your public IP address private, please use a VPN or Tor." - in:



Thx. So if I want to be on Peertube, it is its own account on a Peertube instance.

How does one follow PT channels in a space like Mastodon? They must have feed accounts here?

Thanks so much for helping me get my head around it ...

@dogtrax Basically the conventions for account addresses are the same.

If I have a channel called interviews on, the address would be

You'd only see the posts that your server already knows about; so you wouldn't be able to see statuses for videos uploaded prior to your server following the PeerTube instance. But you'll see everything that gets uploaded afterwards to that channel.

@deadsuperhero @dogtrax Oh shit, that sounds cool as all heck. I gotta check that out.