What GNU/Linux desktop environment sucks the least?

@wakingrufus @vantablack For some reason I just never can get into it fully. There's something about the application design guidelines that I find to be hideous. :/

@koyu Yeah, and for the most part it's okay. I just hate having to use a bunch of extensions to get a kind-of-usable desktop.

@koyu Yeah, that was one of my favorite nods to geek culture.

@deadsuperhero but maybe budgie would be something for you. it's like gnome just without extensions.

@deadsuperhero Is GNU/Linux a requirement?

I'm running #HardenedBSD with i3wm and I love it.

@deadsuperhero enlightenment, of course

but otherwise, gnome 3 on fedora with dash to dock

@kai Hmmm, yeah, I haven't used Enlightenment since the E17 days. I should check it out again.

@deadsuperhero it's...not that different 😅 but still beautiful imho

MATE isn't that bad, low on resources, not too minimal, basically a maintained GNOME2 fork.

@deadsuperhero I've mostly been using Xfce after GNOME 2 was discontinued

@deadsuperhero MATE - it's basically a fork of GNOME 2 by devs that couldn't stand GNOME 3.

@deadsuperhero I was happily using KDE for a few months, if was buggy but okay overall.
Now I'm on GNOME and I love it - everything is super smooth, works surprisingly well with keyboard.

@deadsuperhero I use Cinnamon because I think Gnome 3 is atrocious (I like being able to customize my panels)

@deadsuperhero also in my experience KDE was pretty but also crashed constantly

@deadsuperhero weren't you kidding? was it a legit question and not just trying to get attention with some flamewar-like-twitter-users-do?

I misunderstood you, sorry then, but "suck" is such a strong word to apply to ANY gnu/linux desktop environment. IMO.

@xosem No, I was asking in earnest. I feel frustrated with my current setup, but haven't found anything that satisfies everything I want.

@deadsuperhero I keep telling myself that some day I'll take the time to learn i3 properly; in the meantime Cinnamon (preferred) and MATE (on lower-end hardware) do the job well enough. 🤷‍♂️

@deadsuperhero I have been loving my experience with GNOME 3 lately. I have been burned by KDE before.

@brainblasted I like Gnome 3 for the most part, but I'm missing the Global Menu that Unity had.

@deadsuperhero Cinnamon is my normal go-to. Reliable, scales well. I’ve also used i3wm on my laptop though.

MATE is comfy for people who migrates from windows.
@deadsuperhero None/Almost none?
(Desktop Environments are quite know for breaking X.Org Environment…)
@deadsuperhero I do like the look and functionality of KDE/Plasma 5, but it does force you to install a bunch of applications that, if you already have alternatives that you prefer, will never use. I don't have strong preferences, so I don't mind, but some people will.

@deadsuperhero given such pessimism, I would suggest you stick to something like Mate or KDE... if those annoy you, try the awesomewm.

@deadsuperhero Fedora KDE spin is fantastic and rock solid -- refined, stable, customisable, and beautiful. I switched to it a few years ago and never looked back.

I run Linux only on my home and work laptops (and on 95% of our servers at work). So I spend a lot of time with the Linux desktop. 🙂

OpenSuSE is also very good.

@deadsuperhero IMHO Debian Stable with Gnome. The extensions and themes make it awesome.

@deadsuperhero Mate is solid. Probably moving my Ubuntu Unity 16.04 systems to Ubuntu Mate 18.04 at the end of this month.

@deadsuperhero mint's cinnamon environment is pretty nice to work with. You can also just install it on Debian/Ubuntu systems..

@deadsuperhero Depends. Define "suck".

I use a stripped-down XFCE, windows actually managed by i3wm and the XFCE panels replaced with Polybar.

It doesn't suck at all for my use case. If you don't like lots of config file editing, it might suck for yours.

I'm partial to Debian stable with xfce. Sure it's a bit old school compared to KDE or Gnome 3 but I can make it look how I want and it's a pretty simple interface without a ton of bells and whistles (less stuff to break.)

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