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Horizon Zero Sean @deadsuperhero

"Firefox 59 adds basic support for decentralised internet protocols, specifically DAT, IPFS and Secure Scuttlebutt."

Huh, that's fascinating. omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/03/firefo

@deadsuperhero >secure scuttlebutt

who the fuck NAMES this shit?

did they consult the guy who named it "pubsubhubbub"

@deadsuperhero siiigh, this is not true. they do clarify: "users will need to use third-party extensions to actually use them"

here's what really happened: firefox quantum killed "legacy add-ons" that would have allowed extensions that enabled support for DAT, IPFS, etc. there was no way to even implement these in WebExtensions. now there is again. but someone still needs to implement them.

@deadsuperhero it's like saying "Firefox 59 now features basic support for MAGIC!" because they added an API that magical extensions can use, even though they magical extensions don't exist.
lots of these articles are being (hopefully unintentionally) misleading.

@deadsuperhero "users will need to use third-party extensions to actually use them."

I'm looking forward to Patchwork implemented as a Firefox plugin.

@deadsuperhero I had no idea scuttlebutt was taking off so quickly as to be given Firefox support. This is big!

@alex_ it's not. this is being reported irresponsibly.
all Firefox did was enable their extensions to even *be able* to implement these protocols.

@deadsuperhero ipfs? IPFS??? Natively on a BROWSER? Ok now I'm curious