Hey, people. I've noticed that periodically this subject comes up in my stream, and it seems like people are actually building and doing things with it. What's interesting about it, and what's a neat thing that you've used it for?

@lain @deadsuperhero yes! no people who would use the word “normie” at all. it’s great!

I think the most interesting thing is that it has an explicit sitemap as part of its protocol.

@deadsuperhero It is simple, server and client can be implemented as a shell script.

It gives back the power to plain text.

It's fun.

@deadsuperhero please see floodgap gopher proxy to check out gopher on the www if you don’t use a terminal. it’s a lot like http except it’s just text, completely non-commercial, and everyone who is there is looking for other people who are smart and will put in the effort to find active thoughtful internetworking content devoid of “you won’t believe...” and “10 things about...” nonsense written only for clicks. also we follow and respond to / reference each other’s work :)

@nydel @deadsuperhero Firefox used to have a Floodgap Gopher add-on but it quit working since Firefox went Quantum

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