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@Gargron @deadsuperhero why do we want to give them the attention though?

@maloki @Gargron Because people need to be called out on their shit.

@deadsuperhero this is true. I guess I'm more of a "proper channels" kind of person..


@sydneyfalk @maloki @deadsuperhero @Gargron I was going to say something similar to this

"this is the federated net. there are no rules. only battles to fight and glory to be won"

@deadsuperhero @Gargron @maloki also blood for the bloodgod and skulls for the skull throne.
@mattcropp @Gargron @maloki @deadsuperhero Also beware of embedded Google analytics, which could enable them to surveill other instances.
@deadsuperhero Being able to endorse one other user is interesting because it could enable something like liquid democracy.

@deadsuperhero Huh. Interesting. Why do they go through all that trouble of ripping of Mastodon when you can just put a white paper online that says “this is a scam” and people will throw their money at you these days...? 🤔

@deadsuperhero the more i think about it the more i actually think it's a good idea.

add a hypecoin to it and it'll get critical mass. ripping of mastodon isn't cool but eh if it gets people to the federverse i am not complaining.

@jeff I'd recommend reading the whitepaper, it proposes are lot of things that are fundamentally incompatible with how the fediverse works.

@deadsuperhero for what it's worth most people I have asked to search "hiveway" on Google here get your article as the first result just after their paid ad LOL

@deadsuperhero and such inflammatory, rage bating articles do the open source software community a disservice.

Mastodon uses a GPL software license which has provisions for modification and commercial use. Hideway too uses a GPL license and openly state Hiveway is a fork of Mastodon.

@david_ross I'm actually in the process of editing this to tone it down and expand on what the specific points of contention are. I've spent the greater part of an afternoon thinking about how I could've better worded it.

@deadsuperhero Educate sure. Use the moment to be very specific about the attribution or whatever is of concern.

Although it's not an ideal model, in our purer ways of using Mastodon and the Fediverse, but it as otherwise allowed by the license in use.

We're likely to see even more weird uses of Mastodon in the future. We'd better brace ourselves hey?

@deadsuperhero good good. You're a good man for doing those changes in fact! Amplify the good.

We can't help feeling a sense of protection of projects like this.An extension of how important they become in our lives hey?

I worried other devs would read that original and totally freak out about the risks their own project would bring. Potentially not even continue the idea.

Have a good day Sean.

I've polished up the article a bit to make things clearer about what some of the community's concerns are, and toned down a little bit on some of the inflammatory stuff. I still don't like , but hopefully this reads as a little bit more credible now.

@deadsuperhero tbh not giving credit for the work of others in the OS movement is a little like serving pork at a Bar Mitzvah. It doesn't go down well!

I would be fine with inflammatory, but it is a good article ;)