@deadsuperhero this is true. I guess I'm more of a "proper channels" kind of person..


@sydneyfalk @maloki @deadsuperhero @Gargron I was going to say something similar to this

"this is the federated net. there are no rules. only battles to fight and glory to be won"

@deadsuperhero @Gargron @maloki also blood for the bloodgod and skulls for the skull throne.
@mattcropp @Gargron @maloki @deadsuperhero Also beware of embedded Google analytics, which could enable them to surveill other instances.
@deadsuperhero Being able to endorse one other user is interesting because it could enable something like liquid democracy.

@deadsuperhero Huh. Interesting. Why do they go through all that trouble of ripping of Mastodon when you can just put a white paper online that says “this is a scam” and people will throw their money at you these days...? 🤔

@deadsuperhero the more i think about it the more i actually think it's a good idea.

add a hypecoin to it and it'll get critical mass. ripping of mastodon isn't cool but eh if it gets people to the federverse i am not complaining.

@jeff I'd recommend reading the whitepaper, it proposes are lot of things that are fundamentally incompatible with how the fediverse works.

@deadsuperhero for what it's worth most people I have asked to search "hiveway" on Google here get your article as the first result just after their paid ad LOL

I've polished up the article a bit to make things clearer about what some of the community's concerns are, and toned down a little bit on some of the inflammatory stuff. I still don't like , but hopefully this reads as a little bit more credible now.

@deadsuperhero tbh not giving credit for the work of others in the OS movement is a little like serving pork at a Bar Mitzvah. It doesn't go down well!

I would be fine with inflammatory, but it is a good article ;)

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