I love your articles but I've stoped to read and share/boost articles that are published via medium.


@paulfree14 Yeah, I don't blame you. I'm trying to move off of it, but I also decided that future publishing efforts will all be on Hubzilla. Currently waiting on the Hubzilla Articles feature to get published.

After that happens, I'll be able to dive in and develop a custom theme and templates to build a Verge/Ars Technica style website on top of my favorite federated platform. Then Medium will simply become a second-order relay for things natively posted on wedistribute.org

sounds great :)
Do you know if #medium is bringing you in more readers? Meaning if you attract while using medium ppl you wouldn't have reached otherwise?
having the first part of an article published there with a link to wedistribute.org could be then something usefull.
...but on the same it would also mean to bound ppl more to medium and to add value to it's plattform.
(a link to 'why medium sucks' could maybe counter that xD )

@paulfree14 Yeah, I've had that perspective also. It's sort of a Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" type of situation, and I do think it helps with some exposure.

But I think the paradox is that using Medium exclusively probably cuts down on potential discourse, since the target audience doesn't typically use Medium. :P

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