What does it take to get featured on your own Wikipedia page? 🤔

Notability, I guess? 😛

@deadsuperhero if you mess with them enough you not only get your own page, but new rules, new technical measures, etc, etc...

@twitter @deadsuperhero "On Infogalactic, notability is a rating assigned to a page rather than a test used by editors to decide whether a given topic warrants having a page dedicated to it." https://infogalactic.com/info/Infogalactic:Notability

@deadsuperhero any collection of primary sources of record written specifically about you qualifies as notibility. The it's down to Wikipedia politics :P

@deadsuperhero There's a really good birdsite account called "Deleted Wikipedia Titles". It's a bot that posts real Wikipedia articles that never quite made it. It's hilarious.

So, if nothing else, maybe you can end up on that.

@deadsuperhero I don't think I'd want that. Think of the #EditWars between your fans and your detractors. Throw in #deletionists, and it is better not to ever become #Wikipedia material.

@deadsuperhero Write one yourself or make an intern do it, in my experience...

@deadsuperhero you just need a study centralised online presence or be in enough interviews I guess.

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