@strypey it's quickly becoming a central point of failure for the whole WWW
@jeffcliff I've certainly had my doubts about #Cloudflare but AFAICT all their code is free. #CDNs are a useful service for small sites
@jeffcliff I worked on a site that uses #Cloudflare. It's handy for new sysadmins who can't yet roll their own caching, load balancing etc
@jeffcliff it's a lifesaver if you're a small organisation with one part-time sysadmin/webmaster who gets DDOSed or major spambot attacks
@strypey it'll be a lifesaver until they go down.  Then it's the end of the web *and* all those small organizations.
@jeffcliff that's melodramatic. All those small sites would just switch to another CDN, or point their domain name back at their own server
@strypey it wouldn't necessarily have to be
a) one CDN
b) which excludes so many from using it
etc and if it were I'd complain@ them
@jeffcliff sure. If you suggest a replacement that's usable right now, I'll happily suggest it to my former clients. I'm no great fan of #CF
@jeffcliff @maiyannah any ideas about replacements for #Cloudflare I could recommend to the folks I know using it?
@strypey @maiyannah Long term IPFS.  Short term?  Kind of an open problem that will solve itself when people acknowledge it is a problem.
@jeffcliff @maiyannah #Cloudflare is a problem *looks around for problem to solve itself*... *tumbleweeds*...
@strypey @maiyannah We knew Microsoft was a problem before we had Ubuntu/Android.
@jeffcliff @maiyannah I knew Ubuntu and Android were problems before I knew about #Trisquel and #Replicant
@jeffcliff @maiyannah but until I learned about and got hardware able to run them (still waiting with Replicant) I had to eat shit soup
@jeffcliff @maiyannah I agree with you both that #Cloudflare is shit soup, but dammit my clients are desperate and hungry right now ;P
@strypey @jeffcliff Man if I had the time/health I'd try to set up an easy installer for an IPFS system.  I already have my hands full with postActiv though xP
@maiyannah @jeffcliff don't mistake my rough humour for lack of interest, it helps having folks like you to point to cut through the noise
@strypey @jeffcliff Long-long term goals are in having some sort of automatic ipfs integration for postActiv to natively have its own CDN for uploaded images and other media, but that's a ways out.
@maiyannah @jeffcliff good plan. If #Drupal intergrated it the clients I've been discussing wouldn't have touched #Cloudflare or #Cloudfront
@strypey Much like protocols, I want to make "ways to store media" modular too.  Maybe you'll just use the local filesystem, maybe you'll pitch it to mediagoblin, maybe you'll put it on an ipfs share.  Modularity gives people a lot of flexibility to scale as they find neccesary.

The cost of this is increased support scaffolding and time, since you'll have a variety of different possible configurations, but I prefer a modular UNIX-style approach to the more monolithic systemd one.
@maiyannah this was the #Tent vision (as I understood it), abstracting storage from applications, whether local or remote (in either case)
@strypey Well we're not doing it in the Tent way (this was a higher-level abstraction) but the basic idea is the same.

In general I want "postActiv" itself to be a very minimal baseline amount of code needed to bootstrap an instance (think of it as comparable to the kernel) with things like the protocol(s), storage methods, and extra features all being modules or plugins (where in the metaphor here they'd be the apps running on top of the kernel)
@maiyannah sounds sensible. Sean from Diaspora suggested that one of the reasons Tent failed was unwillingness to work with what existed

@strypey @maiyannah Tent was the one group that we contacted in trying to get federated projects to join the SocialWG that straight up expressed disinterest in collaboration on anything that wasn't their present design.

@cwebber @strypey @maiyannah

was profoundly annoying for exactly that reason. They had some really cool ideas, but expressed zero interest in making any of their ideas work with existing protocols. It was cool that they wrote everything from scratch and specced it out, but their project is sadly going absolutely nowhere.

@deadsuperhero @cwebber @maiyannah seems like they envisioned an amazing city in the clouds, then tried to build a band new bridge to it ;P
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