@wogan the wiki page you linked was last edited in 2013, and specs out a parallel dev stream. Is #Tent still in active development in 2017?

@strypey Literally zero idea. I just remember Diaspora deciding to reinvent the wheel, and it was called tent.

It seems tent.io is still up, so, maybe?

@wogan I think the actual #Diaspora protocol is a variant of #OStatus but not compatible with the #GNUSocial #Fediverse use of OStatus?

@strypey @wogan That's right, same parts, somewhat bespoke schema and methods of implementation. Original project consisted of young Ruby devs who didn't want to wait for an RFC to implement the privacy half that OStatus lacks or something like that. The whole Aspects feature is actually a central concept to Diaspora original design intent.

@deadsuperhero @wogan do you know if G+ modelled their Circles on D* Aspects or vice-versa, or did both just happen independently?

@strypey @wogan It has been suggested, but it's impossible to know for sure. Diaspora had separate private contact lists for a privacy ACL first, but it's not like some other group of people could have a similar idea at the same time.

@deadsuperhero @strypey @wogan

From what I read, Diaspora's implementation of Webfinger is based on an old draft of the now official RFC. And there is no work for migration / improve compatibility.

There is an issue about it but no action.


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