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Seanford @deadsuperhero

Just wrote a little bit about The Fediverse, The Federation, and their possible future together.

@neon Oh man, I thought that was just a frontend for GNU Social! D:

Does Pleroma plan on just sticking with OStatus, or will it in time also use ActivityPub?

I've gotta go redraw my Venn diagrams. :P

@deadsuperhero It'll support ActivityPub in the future, at least I think it doesn't yet? Certainly is planned afaik.

CC @lain

@neon @deadsuperhero yeah, it's always been AP internally, but that was at a time when nobody had AP support, so it didn't make sense to expose it. I've started working on external AP support and would expect first AP Federation in ~2 months.
@deadsuperhero Pleroma made a lot of noises about ActivityPub and killer apps but kind of fell off the radar - or my radar at least - as the AP buzz lost traction.
@maiyannah @deadsuperhero I don't know what state the backend is in, but the front end is completely usable.
@bob @deadsuperhero The backend project is kind of a prototype at best IMO, its a nice technical toy but I wouldn't say it's really usable as an actual daily driver.
@bob @deadsuperhero The Pleroma front-end is more typically used with GNU social or postActiv as the backend.
@deadsuperhero @neon Pleroma is built for the purpose of running AP, but they implemented the OStatus adapter before the actual AP interface. AP is coming, esp. now there's Masto to federate with.
@deadsuperhero you missed out #Pleroma in the list of #OStatus compatible server packages

@strypey Yeah, I'm currently updating the article. I didn't know that the platform had its own server backend and could be run stand-alone.

@deadsuperhero hadn't heard of #SocialHome. Great to see another project get in the social web federation game.
@deadsuperhero funny how federation makes the proliferation of software packages something to be celebrated, rather than bemoaned ;-P
@deadsuperhero Where is the 261 for the number count for nodes in the Federation from? Some lower guess? Just asking as has 278 nodes and that's a lower guess, as it is opt-in for node admins.

@tobias Thats unusual, I could've sworn that I pulled this from The Federation's website. Correcting now!

@deadsuperhero Or since you looked them up and put the article online, some more nodes opened up ;-) Thanks for the write-up!

@deadsuperhero "In 2012, the Friendica project broke ground by reverse-engineering the Diaspora communication protocol and writing a PHP implementation library from scratch..."

Why was that necessary? Isn't Diaspora Free Software?

@escapist Sure it is, but Diaspora is written in Ruby and uses Rails. Friendica uses PHP. At the time, the Diaspora protocol had extremely poor documentation, and the method for signing was not even explained.

At the time, Mike Macgirvin wanted to make a developmental inroad towards cross-platform federation, and developed the library himself as a protocol plugin for Friendica's system.

@deadsuperhero Ah, the bane of software development strikes again. 🤣 Thanks for the explanation!

@escapist No worries! It was actually a milestone development at the time, and drove several development decisions for Hubzilla and Friendica, which can both be described as being protocol-agnostic.

The nice thing is that there's now an implementation for Diaspora federation in Ruby, PHP, and Python, and those libraries can be used to build other federated apps.

great read. thx!
have also seen 'the free network' been referd as 'metaverse'.
And beside that there are all those nice p2p effort.
#retroshare as a example can speak to #matrix rooms.

aah and xmpp wich can connect to matrix rooms.
And xmpp also having a social network. check out


Thank you for the info.

I've added a reference to your article in the Wikipedia ActivityPub article.

Great summary! Like some others, I also learned about SocialHome only by its mention in this post (or rather, by people talking about this post).

@deadsuperhero In the three-sets Venn, you accidentally put Pleroma in AP+D rather than AP+O.

@clacke Oops! I'll try to get that fixed tonight.

@dajbelshaw No problem! It's a huge interest of mine, trying to document the many different projects within the space, along with lots of other projects outside of it.

@deadsuperhero Well it's an incredibly useful thing to be doing - keep it up!

@deadsuperhero I should probably link this on #decentwebeu to get some actual content there.
If/when I make a nice site, would you allow me to host this post directly (with you credited as author, of course)?

@deadsuperhero @shnoulle Nice presentation...
But is there anyone with at least a bit of geek culture who, seeing the grpah with "The Federation" and "The Fediverse", didn't ask himself "OK, when will the war start, on which planet, and who will join which side"?