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@maltimore GitHub has had a very positive effect for open source. For free software, it's a bit more complicated---the ease of collaboration comes at an expense that is not just antithetical, but actively works _against_ the goals of the free software movement. And here we now have a situation where one can assume by default (and usually be correct) that a given project is on GitHub, which is hostile toward software freedom while being host to more free software than any site/organization in the world.

Until recently, they made virtually no mention of software licensing; the consequence is that huge numbers of projects on GitHub are proprietary because they carry no license at all. I don't know if they emphasize choosing a license now or not. I know some changes have been made.

I have nothing against the _idea_ of GitHub---GitLab is a suitable replacement there. There are just changes that need to be made, and changes we in the free software community _want_ them to make. I and many others, including rms, have reached out to them. We need broader community interest and pressure. Avoiding GitHub unfortunately isn't a practical option.
@mikegerwitz The idea of Github is good, but only if their share of projects hosted stays low enough. When their share got too big, most projects rushed to centralize their activities there. Now, Gitorious is gone. Berlios is gone. Google Code is gone. Codeplex is almost gone.
Seanford @deadsuperhero

@lnxw48a1 @mikegerwitz I really think a decentralized git project platform would hold incredible benefit.

Different FOSS organizations could self-host teams and repos, and project streams / issues could be federated between participants.

Add in a monthly donation feature, and FOSS projects might even see higher returns from supporter contributions.

@deadsuperhero GitLab is experimenting with federation, which is why although its instability has me frustrated, I've held on, for now.

@maiyannah Holy shit, I had no idea.

Maybe I don't have to code my insane pipe dream. :p

Though maybe I should still look into it someday; Gitlab offers almost zero visual customization to self-hosters.

@deadsuperhero ActivityPub is something they're discussing, I wouldn't say as a focus, but it would nonetheless be great to have.

@maiyannah It'll be so awesome if GitLab started to use ActivityPub (。♥‿♥。).


@deadsuperhero Yes, decentralization is the only option that makes sense to me. As Git is intended. As @maiyannah mentioned, GitLab is playing with the idea, though I have not been following it and have no idea what progress has been made. I've seen @cwebber discuss it in the past in a GitLab issue.

Anyone have any updates on it?

@deadsuperhero @lnxw48a1 @mikegerwitz

There is the #Scuttlebutt project, which is developing #git-#ssb:

It seems to offer a way to set up a decentralized Git repository.