> Thinks about explaining to someone that self-hosting isn't hard

> Remembers that I've been tinkering with servers and *nix systems since I was like 14 years old

Side note: I have been using Free Software and GNU/Linux for approximately half of my entire lifetime now.

@jalcine it's kind of a weird thing to realize! We've watched an entire ecosystem reinvent itself several times over.

@deadsuperhero seriously! so many times I just hold back my thoughts b/c of that background

@deadsuperhero I had to think about that and it's the same for me, over half my lifetime!

I think you were a toddler then, so now I feel old.

@deadsuperhero Cool! I’m now on year 25 (started in 1993). That’s 52.1% of my lifetime :)

@jwildeboer @deadsuperhero Crap. I first got my hands on a TurboLinux CD in 1994? 1995? So it won't be half my life for another ten years *sob*

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