> Thinks about explaining to someone that self-hosting isn't hard

> Remembers that I've been tinkering with servers and *nix systems since I was like 14 years old

Side note: I have been using Free Software and GNU/Linux for approximately half of my entire lifetime now.

@jalcine it's kind of a weird thing to realize! We've watched an entire ecosystem reinvent itself several times over.

@deadsuperhero seriously! so many times I just hold back my thoughts b/c of that background

@deadsuperhero I had to think about that and it's the same for me, over half my lifetime!

I think you were a toddler then, so now I feel old.

@deadsuperhero Cool! I’m now on year 25 (started in 1993). That’s 52.1% of my lifetime :)

@jwildeboer @deadsuperhero Crap. I first got my hands on a TurboLinux CD in 1994? 1995? So it won't be half my life for another ten years *sob*

Yeah. =/

Despite years of tinkering I still get shot in the foot. Made the mistske of using snap to install nextcloud but it isn't the only service I want on a subdomain on port 80, and I wanted nginx not apache and... Now I have to redo from scratch. Ffs. Etc...

@feonixrift This is partially why I am so hesitant to ever use containers for deployment. Screw it, I will do all the steps manually because that's what I know. 😛

@deadsuperhero @feonixrift lol for this reason I use containers - you can blow it away and the host just hangs out!

the number of times I've taken down my owncloud setup

Yeah it's like .. I already have a container, it's my server? Install there please? I thought it was like an install script and dependency handler and then it turned out to be encapsulating the whole install and ffs. As soon as I have time it's gettig ripped and redone, but a) what time? and b) I'm relying on that nextcloud for college stuff now.

@deadsuperhero I tinker with the same, I've got a really bad reputation for being able to make things work eventually, and fail in weird ways. For example, video streaming to the media computer from my desktop would fail after 10 minutes when BOINC kicked in, and Ubuntu shat the priority bed as usual. … MLP made me disable BOINC. o_o

so much nerdy talk - I'm home <3
Yeah I'm also closing in on half my life time using *nix, and close to that self-hosting as well.
I do think that the greater understanding of all things technical.ä that I accumulated this way (and own my own, too!) greatly benefits me professionally.

Which leads me to believe that I would only know half of what I do about *nixcraft if I had used stuff like Docker or Snap right from the start.


I keep thinking about this and fundamentally it comes down to this - to make it *truly* easy for the uninitiated, you have to be supplying the modem to avoid port forwarding, NAT loopback issues etc, and you have to either have a list of vetted isp's or automated tools for testing if they've blocked ports.

These things are a total pain to work with if you don't know what you're doing, but are considered "not our problem" by most self hosting projects.


Ultimately I want to see a FOSS, open hardware modem/router/server box that you just:
1. Plug in
2. Select from a drop-down list of vetted ISP's (community updated, config automatically downloaded)
3. Enter the isp user name/password
4. Choose a domain name (1 pre-paid with the box, renewals help fund the project)
5. Select which apps you want (or just skip for the default ones)

...and you're set to go. Everything else, should be just taken care of.

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