What's a good software for collaborative projects? I was thinking along the lines of a wiki, but a kanban / jira-like board is not unreasonable either.

While I have a lot of respect for MediaWiki, it's kind of total overkill.

@deadsuperhero hmmm you want project management or just knowledge sharing?

@jalcine I'm kind of torn.

Right now, my process is that I have a long note document full of bullet points for things I'm investigating (media) and I move them around in the document as I do stuff.

I think I want some combination of task management and a wiki, but it seems like a wiki might be overkill?

@deadsuperhero oh this is a personal tool? eh some outlining tool could work imo

@jalcine Eh, it's for VidCommons, the idea being that information can live in one place and certain things can be represented as being "In Progress" or "Done"

Like I said, I have been taking the personal tool approach, but if I want this to be a community collaboration, it kind of has to be opened up and made available to those who want to jump in.

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