What's a good software for collaborative projects? I was thinking along the lines of a wiki, but a kanban / jira-like board is not unreasonable either.

While I have a lot of respect for MediaWiki, it's kind of total overkill.

@deadsuperhero I used to like dokuwiki for lightweight wiki's, but haven't used them in a while now.

@webmind @deadsuperhero I still have a DokuWiki in use. Used Kanboard for a while which, unfortunately, wasn't mobile-friendly back at the time.

@deadsuperhero Not sure how applicable, made for research, but in our team we use it for everything, including coffe-breaks: getindico.io/

Had good experience with github-issues, but for the love of god stay away from jira! Small stuff is too cumbersome, bigger stuff is too complex. I've never seen it actually used when it was installed in a team.

@GammaSQ @deadsuperhero I use it in my company. I mean it does what its supposed to do but it still sucks

@Amarmust @deadsuperhero It's supposed to remove friction. If it sucks, it adds friction. So why use it in the first place?

@GammaSQ @deadsuperhero Agile Software Development (scrum). Just look that up and i think youll see why even though jira sucks its still better than doing it on paper

@Amarmust @deadsuperhero 10 internet points to whoever gets agile on paper usable! 5 points for any proof of concept! :D

I get it, but Jira seems to ride a bullshit-bingo-wave. "Doing Agile? Jira is the way to go!"
Most agile team I ever worked in used private github issues. It wasn't designed as agile but got that way simply because creating and closing issues was so easy everybody did it all the time! We knew the state of the project because there just happened to be issues for every aspect.

@GammaSQ @Amarmust Jira is horrible and I hate it with a burning passion, but I do know that it makes the lives of project managers way easier.

@deadsuperhero @Amarmust I don't quite see how?
Our workflow would usually be far away from Jira, in a repo and wiki. So nobody would look at Jira and if you wanted Devs to do anything, you had to physically come Devcave and ask us to check Jira. And of course issues weren't answered on Jira, because that took too much time! We had post its, emails, commit-messages and whiteboards, because that's what was low friction enough to actually be useful.

All Jira did for PM was relay responsibility.

@GammaSQ Hmm, that seems really solid for events or anything that involves meeting up in a physical space. But for ongoing tasks for a non-coding project or a knowledge-base, might not quite be what we're looking for.

Thanks for the recommendation though!

@deadsuperhero hmmm you want project management or just knowledge sharing?

@jalcine I'm kind of torn.

Right now, my process is that I have a long note document full of bullet points for things I'm investigating (media) and I move them around in the document as I do stuff.

I think I want some combination of task management and a wiki, but it seems like a wiki might be overkill?

@cwebber @deadsuperhero no lie, I use this via Vim for a lot of abstract project management

@benhamill @jalcine @cwebber @deadsuperhero Also, in answer to the original question, I'd recommend Markdown + Gitlab / Github. It's super lightweight, easy to learn, fairly powerful, and gives the end user access to a universe of potential tools while providing a standard format for interchange. Plus it renders to a pretty web page :)

@mishari @benhamill @jalcine @cwebber @deadsuperhero I've not used Fossil. I recommended gitlab/github for exactly that kind of simplicity! I was extrapolating a bit, I'm mostly used to Github, which has some really great simplifying facilities to make contribution possible for decidedly non technical users. What attributes does fossil bring to the table that make it simpler to both work with and maintain? And are there any nice web GUIs around it like gitlab?

@feoh @benhamill @jalcine @cwebber @deadsuperhero I haven't used it either tbh but it's used by sqlite and they advertise themselves as being simpler than git.

@mishari @benhamill @jalcine @cwebber @deadsuperhero Git plus Gitlab or Github is remarkably simple. Also the OP hasn't chimed in in a while so I'll stop now :)

@jalcine @cwebber @deadsuperhero I could never get org-mode in vim to work all that well...

@ross only way to improve software is to let people know! you've opened issues? @cwebber @deadsuperhero

@deadsuperhero oh this is a personal tool? eh some outlining tool could work imo

@jalcine Eh, it's for VidCommons, the idea being that information can live in one place and certain things can be represented as being "In Progress" or "Done"

Like I said, I have been taking the personal tool approach, but if I want this to be a community collaboration, it kind of has to be opened up and made available to those who want to jump in.

@deadsuperhero if you're looking for a scrum/kanban board i can recommend to check out trello. If its a coding project you can use gitlab. Its has a issue tracker and wiki.


So seems kind of promising: taiga.io/

* Kanban-board
* Issue Tracking
* Wiki

* UI kind of looks clunky
* Wiki doesn't seem to be searchable?
* frontend and backend are separate projects in Github

@deadsuperhero For the separate backend/frontend thing, you could simplify deployment of that by using Docker.

@MatejLach True, that is not the worst thing. I'm not even opposed to being hosted as a free project on their own server for now.

I stand corrected, the wiki is in fact searchable. You just...search for it from the main page, and it shows up in the results along with anyone else.

@deadsuperhero their example on the front page sure set them up for a "I do not think that means what you think it means" joke

@ninjawedding @deadsuperhero It's actually full of Princess Bride puns so that might be deliberate! :)
Taiga's great, it's like the Open Source Jira. I run Wekan as an Open Source Trello clone, so if you want something more freeform and easy consider that too.

@Are0h @deadsuperhero @kemonine I've played with Taiga. It's really opinionated on workflow so if it fits your style it'll be amazing. But if it doesn't then it's a bear to get out of the way.

@deadsuperhero @Are0h @craigmaloney I would agree. if you're not going for a kanban style workflow it'll be a bigger hinderance than gain

I turned off the wiki and tasks for lollipop cloud

if we need tasks ill turn on a gitea issue tracker

for a wiki we just drop markdown files in a git repo. we can use elephant notes, tomboy or whatever else that's a simple wiki front end for markdown files if we need "powerful" features like search
@deadsuperhero @Are0h its my preferred anymore.

but im also using a raw git repo for "wiki" generally.

if youd like to one in action https://kanban.lollipopcloud.solutions has a solid deployment that I use regularly. docs (wiki) for the project are in a repo on https://git.lollipopcloud.solutions

we aimed all of our gitea repos at the taiga and docs repo so everything is tied together nicely

c/ @cloud @jmf

@deadsuperhero Of the collaborative websites I've looked at, Taiga's UI is the /least/ clunky, sadly. I've yet to find one I really like that seems well suited to keeping a team of people on track remotely

Use the Service Now Agile module if you want to see a kludgy UI... You'll be running back lol

Thanks for that! Looks interesting and I might consider running my own.

@deadsuperhero Tried #Taiga years ago. Looked really nice, especially as it was powered by #Django. But at the time the frontend wasn't very responsive. Not sure if that has improved?

@deadsuperhero I know you said software and I assume you prefer open source, but Airtable is pretty amazing. Upfront, you'd have some setup to make what you want, but it's a powerful service.

@sikkdays I've heard very good things, but I barely understand what it is even. 😛

@deadsuperhero Same here. I've had some help from a friend in getting my own tables together. The Film Frown Podcast is organized through that now. It's sort of a more user-friendly database mixed with spreadsheets, so you can take data from different categories and mic then together.
Ex. You fill out a form of movies (from a table I made) you are available for and it populates a schedule of guests for me.

Take a look at this, haven't used it yet.
Deck Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

@deadsuperhero Fossil? Has issue tracking and a wiki, frontend is plain HTML or CLI, backend is a single sqlite database.

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