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Boyfriend @deadsuperhero

now has a dedicated Matrix room:

If you'd like to hang out, or better yet, help with the collaborative process of finding permissive-licensed media, feel free to join and say hello!


That's *really* a good idea.
We, as PeerTube editor, are very pleased to see our piece of software used for this kind of project!


@pyg Thank you!

My goal with this project is to bring more content to the PeerTube part of the fediverse, and also help elevate artists involved in the Free Culture movement. :)


And that's just GREAT! :)

Let us know if you have some requests/needs.

To know more about us, cause Framasoft is not known outside french speaking countries : and
and :)

@pyg @deadsuperhero a bit off topic, but do you have any English language Mastodon account or blog?