And so begins my new side project, is a instance dedicated to media released under Creative Commons licenses, as well as Public Domain videos.

The goal is to create a media portal full of stuff that's freely available to share, with the intent to maximize exposure for independent media released under CC-licenses, all within the fediverse.

@deadsuperhero this is awesome! maybe you're also aware of a curated website of Public domain video content, it's p good. they generally point to links.

More commons visibility is essential in our consumer surveillance advertising media landscape! thanks for undertaking this project :)

@deadsuperhero I love this idea.

I’m curious how it will work out with peertube.

I wish you luck!

I should have a good internet connection again by the end of next week (or whenever Verizon decides to show up and bless my installation), and I’ll be happy to contribute.

My PD film and TV collection is around 1500 items right now, and growing and improving all the time.

@ajroach42 there's still a lot to figure out on my end; I'm probably going to start with simple stuff as I figure out how the account hierarchy ought to fit together. If you're interested in collaborating on this, feel free to DM me, and we can figure something out. 😀

@sikkdays Thanks! 😅

There's a lot to figure out yet. The biggest part will involve exploration and curation. Currently I'm on an interesting hunt to find documentaries on computers.

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