Just published a short guide for finding stuff on , along with how you actually subscribe to channels.

I have a number of channel recommendations for anyone that's wondering "Where the heck do I watch stuff?"


(eternal apologies to everyone that might gripe, I'm still working on a Medium replacement)

@deadsuperhero working on writing a medium replacement or just finding one?

@orekix right now, both. I'm trying to build one in Elixir, but if I fail I will invest in an alternative.

@deadsuperhero Good article. :blobcat: Looks like my peertube instance is too out of date for that, though. Humm...

Also I mayyy have just reinstalled Stylish specifically to hide the Medium overlay and make the page scrollable again.

My web browser is my domain, it behaves how I want it to.

@catgirl Stylish tracks browsing history across all websites.


Install Stylus, migrate stylesheets from Stylish to Stylus, and nuke Stylish.

@catgirl I kept Stylish installed but disabled for a few days to confirm the migration before blowing it away, but It Just Worked[tm].

@dredmorbius I don't actually need Stylish to reskin the web for me, generally speaking. "Dark Reader" is a much simpler solution for that. (Apparently it can do static CSS stuff too now?)

I just wanted a quick hotfix for this one particular website deciding to be cheeky and slip in an "overflow: hidden" where it doesn't belong on me. 🤷

@catgirl It's overkill for basics, but tremendously valuable for its power and flexibility.

@deadsuperhero Isn't Plume the Medium replacement? The styling isn't all there yet, but functionally it fills the same niche.

@trwnh It is, and I have a lot of respect for the project. But deep-down, I kind of want to present something that only displays a Medium-like dashboard for users, and a different set of public-facing views.

In a nutshell, you could say it'd be more comparable to Wordpress or Ghost, with a public-facing frontend that can be customized for publishers.

@deadsuperhero Then you're not really looking for a Medium replacement, are you? Medium (and Plume, by extension) is a multi-user platform, where users have profiles of articles. You're looking for a blog CMS, where you manage individual blogs instead of profiles.

@trwnh Yes, it would effectively be a minimalist CMS, but the editing experience would probably be similar to Medium, and there might be publications that serve as ActivityPub Actor objects inside of it.

@deadsuperhero Great article :)
Nice to see some of the channels on our instance being part of your recommendations 😊
Just a tiny correction about @davidrevoy
He's not involved with Morevna project: they just used his CC-BY licenced work to animate an episode (just like anyone could have).

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